Working Class Party? Biden's "Transition Team" Includes Big Tech and Banking Execs

Good news, everyone! Your corporate overlords are willing and ready to return to absolute control thanks to the might-be Biden administration.

Political columnist Nathan J. Robinson first pointed out an interesting tidbit of information when he reviewed the agency teams on Biden’s website and noticed some interesting names pop up.


“Unsurprisingly Biden’s transition team includes executives from Lyft, Airbnb, Amazon, Capital One, Booz Allen, Uber, Visa, JPMorgan,” tweeted Robinson.

Sure enough, Biden’s list of transition advisors reads like a Who’s Who list of corporate names.

Is this a bad thing? Arguments could be made that having Big Tech and banking execs spells disaster in a lot of ways, and they’d likely be considered somewhere akin to Nostradamus in a matter of months for their accuracy in foretelling events. It’s also true that President Donald Trump’s team also had corporate execs in it.

Trump himself is a corporate man.

What’s more interesting, however, is the fact that Democrats have, for the longest time, touted themselves as the party of the working man. Now, it seems they’re dropping the ruse. That was seen even before this transition team formed. Democrats relied so heavily on big tech to try to win the election that it became pathetically blatant.

In terms of usefulness, the corporate sector has become integral to the Democrat machine. If it weren’t for the censorship and narrative control of Big Tech, it’s unlikely Biden would have garnered as many votes as he did. No longer does the Democrat Party have to lie and coerce the working class themselves; Big Tech will do it for them and with far more efficiency. It’s only natural that Biden would give them a seat at the table.


Meanwhile, working-class people supported Trump during his reelection campaign. They also supported him greatly during his 2016 run. For the Democrats, they’ve proved to be trash that requires sweeping up. Where once they claimed to be the party that listened, Democrats are now the party that talks at you, not with you.

Trump may have been a corporate guy with corporate friends but he used that knowledge to grow the working-class pool and make them wealthier and more stable. Democrats do not have that record going for them and have proved that they will use corporate American to abuse Americans.

They have effectively ceded ground to the Republican Party when it comes to being the party of the working class. Biden seems to have embraced the idea that the working class American doesn’t carry the weight the party requires in order to be considered important. Back when labor unions were much bigger and more influential this was likely the case, but no longer.



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