Peace Was Never an Option for Democrats

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Watching former VP and possible P give his acceptance speech before the winner of the 2020 election process was even announced was angering enough, but the thing that sent me off into a tangent was his “unity” rhetoric.

More accurately, I was becoming furious that people were actually believing him, including people on the right.

Open up Twitter right now and you’ll see a myriad of tweets on the left declaring just how peaceful the left wants to be. They want cancel culture to get turned up to 11 and to have lives destroyed for their Trump support. AOC is out here talking about compiling lists. Jennifer Rubin is saying that it’s not enough that Trump is voted out of office, Trumpism must be purged from the nation.

Biden’s flowery words filled with sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns have absolutely no bearing on reality. For the mainstream media carrying his message, it sounds nice. Like a way to pacify the masses and make them enthusiastic about him, especially after a long four years of constant antagonism.

Completely ignored is the fact that 99.9 percent of the antagonism came from the left and the mainstream media. President Donald Trump couldn’t turn his head to the right without the left screaming to the heavens that he’s prejudiced against people who turn their heads to the left.

This peaceful talk is all an act. The left doesn’t want peace. It wants control. It wants power. With this peaceful talk, they can make it seem like those who oppose them want to divide this nation despite the fact that they spent the last four years calling everyone and anyone who even glanced at Trump kindly racists, xenophobes, homophobes, transphobes, bigots, fascists, and a whole host of other ludicrous accusations that could fill a book.

Rubin was more honest. These people don’t want peace. They want complete domination and elimination of their enemy.

Peace would be nice, but if I’m being completely honest I feel the same.

I don’t want peace.

The Democrat party is a party that supports unbridled abortion, constant wars, critical theories of every kind, looting, destruction, cancel culture and a heaping dose of Marxism. I won’t be friends with that party. I can’t. Every fiber of my being despises the ideological position the left has found itself in.

Right-leaning people who believe that they can find some sort of middle ground with them are sadly mistaken and should understand that when it comes to Marxism and social justice, there is no negotiation. There is only capitulation, and anything less will result in the destruction of those who disobey.

This may sound hyperbolic and over-dramatic but I think the left has done a very good job of making my point for me over the past few years, and especially over the past few months. This is the same left that destroyed and looted business and even killed Trump supporters in the streets to the sound of the Democrat Party’s silence. This is the same party suddenly lost its ability to stay silent when they began demanding police departments be defunded in the midst of these riots and killings.

Peace was never an option and against Marxists and murderers, I don’t want it to be. These people shouldn’t be worked with, they should be opposed at every turn. Any attempts to implement their agenda should be stopped cold and every narrative should be thoroughly investigated and if found untrue, completely debunked.

Do not buy, even for one moment, that these people want to work with you. They want to dominate you and sweep you under the rug.


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