Win Or Lose, Democrats Will Never Be Able to Wash Trump Off of America

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

I’ve got some sour news for Democrats. They can win this election but if they think they’re going to get away from Donald Trump, they’re mistaken.

Up until Trump, the Republican party has always acted a certain way. While it had noble qualities, it was also horrifically passive. Democrats would bully Republicans and Republican legislators into compliance all the time. When insults and accusations were thrown by Democrats, Republicans kept their mouths shut and took it, thinking that doing so was taking the high road.

It was such a bad way to go about things, especially against an opponent that would win at all costs, had no regard for any kind of decency, and once given power would begin to erode and destroy the nation. No matter how bad it got, Republicans would find themselves resorting to this “grin and bear it” method of governing.

The best metaphor I can think of is also a very literal example. Jeff Flake, a GOP establishment holdover from another era, was getting screamed at by some feminists over the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. They raged and screamed at him about his position, and he stood there looking like a punished dog, silent and accepting. He even sided with his abusers multiple times.

That was how it was.

Then Trump came along and everything changed.

The same party that stayed silent as people would strip down to their skivvies for “slut walks” in the name of feminism and put on masks and wear all black clothing in order to rampage across cities were now aghast at the way Republicans were now defending themselves. The media was throwing tantrums on a consistent basis as they could no longer make a claim on a Republican and watch it stick and infest the narrative.

Trump was fighting back at every turn, and what’s more, he taught the rest of the Republican party how to do it too. Left and right, Republican politicians and activist groups began finding their cajones and began pushing back against a left that hadn’t had a real challenge in decades. They couldn’t handle it and the Republican party felt more itself than it had in ages.

The left considered itself untouchable and infallible up to that point but Trump showed the right that a god could bleed.

I can tell you right now that the Republican party isn’t going to let go of that any time soon. We’d had it with the Romney-esque losing streak that came from being what they considered “proper.” We were tired of allowing the left to decide what our behavior should be through Alinskyite means.

The GOP now had a recipe that spells disaster for the left. We now fight back, and what’s more, we’re now attracting more groups than ever because of it. Groups that once were once locked in for Democrats have been finding their way into the Republican party.

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That’s not including all the things Trump accomplished when he was here. There is still a Supreme Court containing three textualist Justices that he put there and hundreds more federal judges to boot. Obamacare is still gutted and dying on the floor. Democrats also have the task of telling everyone that their taxes are going to go up and then somehow doing it.

They will be tripping over Trump long after he’s gone for a long, long time.

No matter how you slice it, Trump has left a mark that the left won’t be able to wash off no matter how hard they try. Not only will his legacy last for years to come, the new GOP won’t let the left forget it.