No Matter the Outcome, Consider the Left Rebuked

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Despite the unbelievable confusion, swindling, and mistakes that always seem to err in one direction, the one thing that we know for sure is that the left’s “blue wave” was a small splash.

This was in spite of the fact that media lapdogs and politicians were predicting a wholesale steamrolling over Trump and the Republicans. As we’ve seen over the past two days, that hasn’t happened. As I write this Democrats are struggling to obtain victory and as it stands, Trump is still in this game. As I write this, Biden has a narrow lead over Trump and at this point, this election could go either way.

Again, this wasn’t the outcome we were told was going to happen. We were told that America was done with Trump and everything he represented. That his followers were weak and bound to fall like paper targets.

Tobias Hoonhout at National Review listed some moments where the left told us the blue wave was a tsunami:

Tapper’s colleague Chris Cillizza was one of the loudest landslide predictors, repeatedly positing that the media and pollsters had learned from their failure in 2016 and were no longer discounting Republican support.

“Simply because election models missed the Trump phenomenon the first time around doesn’t mean we should ignore them entirely,” he wrote in September. “The models are updated to reflect the realignment Trump set in motion in 2016. The likelihood, then, of missing some sort of hidden pro-Trump factors in the electorate is much less.”

As the race neared, Cillizza only grew more confident. “There is now a reasonable chance that we may be looking at a major landslide up and down the ballot in two weeks’ time,” he stated last month.

Cillizza was not the only one. “I think that it’s more likely that Joe Biden will win in a landslide, than that Trump will win at all,” esteemed New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof said, a sentiment shared by Times data guru Nate Cohn. “The Coming Biden Landslide,” read a September Bulwark headline.

“This is also the week that journalists and politicos in Washington began wondering about something they never expected to be thinking about this year,” Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan wrote in early October. “They are wondering if Nov. 3 won’t be a win for Joe Biden but a blowout, a landslide in a polarized country that doesn’t produce landslides anymore.” Andrew Sullivan agreed. In a column titled “Dreaming Of A Landslide,” he warned that “it’s tempting fate to mention the idea, foolish to entertain it, mad to expect it,” before going on to argue that “the possibility of a landslide is now real.”

Consider fate tempted and consider it having responded.

The thing that the left needs to understand that even if it does win, it didn’t win because people believed in the extreme leftist push of the Overton window in their direction. They won in spite of it. What they won on was a highly coordinated and relentless attack on the character of a man who isn’t nearly half as evil as they make him out to be.

All the left’s horses and all the left’s persons of unspecified gender spent the last four years attempting to make a myth out of a man who defied them and won. They hated him beyond reason and they wanted you to feel the same way. This website that you’re reading this article on is filled to the brim with daily entries detailing the unbelievable steps the left has taken to paint Trump as a villain’s villain.

They’ve labeled him with every evil name they have in their lexicon and if they couldn’t find a new reason to call him evil they would create one. Fearmongering was their strategy. Lies were their tools.

I wish I could tell you that the bad guy was unsuccessful in this story, but I can’t. I know some very good and decent conservative-leaning people who truly believe that Trump is awful and should be kicked out of office at all costs, even if that cost is inviting in Marxist entities that will tear this country apart.

So I sincerely hope the left doesn’t get it twisted and if they do, they’ll see just how twisted they got it in the midterms. America is not a hard-left nation. It never was. If it was then they would have seen their sweeping victory but they didn’t.

People are voting against Trump, not for Democrats.

It’s a lesson the left can learn from, but let’s face facts, they won’t.



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