Something Doesn't Sit Right About the Polls

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Just like last time, the polls are saying that Donald Trump is going to lose to Joe Biden. Perhaps they’re more accurate than anyone with an ounce of brainpower would like to believe but something doesn’t seem right about them.

RedState’s resident polling expert Scott Hounsell has his pulse on the polls and I think he’s likely more accurate than many others, but there’s still something missing.

I can’t help but look at the energy around Biden and by “look at the energy” I mean “try to find it.” It’s not there. Meanwhile, Trump is attracting unbelievable crowds at every campaign stop. Biden’s rallies are awkward to watch. He’s constantly tripping over himself, forgetting where he is, even what he’s wearing. Trump is having fun with his audience. They chant pro-American chants. They’re having a good time. They’re energized.

Biden’s campaign has been about fear and instituting measures that he has no constitutional power to do such as the national mask mandate. He’s as awkward as his VP candidate who laughs at inappropriate times and was voted out early because she was shamed for her past as California’s AG by a fellow Democrat presidential candidate.

The Democrats encourage the destruction of our businesses, invasion of our neighborhoods, looting, and violence all by pro-Democrat rioters and groups.

Meanwhile, Trump has been about nothing but hope and looking into the future with economic growth, and has denounced every violent and hateful group in America. The left creates them and Trump denounces them. The left blames the destruction they create on Trump but I’m not convinced that Americans are as stupid as the left hopes they are.

It’s insulting, and I think this insult is going noticed, more and more every day.

This is why the polls telling me that Biden is ahead aren’t really jiving with me. There are enough factors that throw off polls to make your head spin, but one thing that I have noticed this election season is the return of the shy vote.

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Back in 2016, the “shy vote” was one that leaned toward trump 3-1 but this year the reason to be shy about who you’re voting for is even greater. I can’t help but think that so many people out there are honestly afraid to tell you who they’re voting for over fear of being canceled and their lives destroyed.

They’re afraid that if they speak openly they will be fired and their homes even visited by a mob.

The shy vote has more reason to be shy than ever, and I think their quiet act of defiance will lead Trump to victory.

But it’s not just the shy vote that I think will really lead to Trump’s reelection.

There’s an innate rebelliousness in Americans that was drilled into us before our founding. We don’t like being controlled by forces who clearly have their own interests in mind.

What I think you’re going to see is a rejection of Biden (or more accurately the Democrat party) based on the American spirit of pushing away anyone or anything who believes it rules you. The Democrats have demonstrated time and again that they believe they’re above you. They can spend as much taxpayer dollars as they please to no end while ignoring their districts.

They’ll even take up millions of taxpayer dollars to put on a sham trial in an attempt to impeach the man you elected to the presidency.

The left has overstepped their bounds in politics and our culture. People are either afraid of them or willing to defy them just like the Democrats have defied everything from the American people to the constitution.

I think the polls are off and Trump is likely going to walk away with this win.


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