The Girl Scouts Controversy Proves Feminism Isn't About Women's Empowerment

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Women and their empowerment are purportedly one of the chief concerns of the left but their treatment of women shows that this is anything but accurate.

A solid example is the controversy centered around the recent Girl Scouts Twitter post that celebrated the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The post was bipartisan for all intents and purposes. While it did congratulate Barrett, it showed headshots of all of the previous female justices as well, culminating in what was actually a celebratory post about women being appointed to the highest court in the land.

If the left actually adhered to its own belief system then that would have been a post to retweet until the button broke, but as is natural to the left, anything that celebrates or recognizes an opposing ideology cannot be tolerated.

The left immediately lost its mind and proceeded to mob the Girls Scouts’ Twitter account until they took it down. The Girl Scouts responded that they didn’t mean for the post to be taken politically but many reminded them that they recognized it wasn’t political, but taking it down made it so.

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This isn’t surprising to anyone who understands the left and the real goal behind feminism.

The left likes to tout that it’s the party who will bring women forward into the future and that it will help secure their rights and keep Republicans and traditionalists from allowing women to backslide. The truth is that they could care less about the health and well being of women, or how empowered they are.

What they really want is obedience to the body politic and any deviation from that is forbidden. While they like to throw around that they’re a party that believes in women having choices, you’ll notice a very strong and malicious reaction from any woman who makes a choice they don’t approve of.

The attacks on Barrett are proof positive of this, but she’s not the only one. Any woman with a hint of right-leaning philosophy within them will suddenly find themselves un-personed. Even hard leftist women can find themselves being fitted for a proverbial noose if they step out of line. Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein showed kindness to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and that was enough for the left to demand her resignation.

Tha’s some empowerment.

Feminism is never and has never been about empowering anyone but the Democrat party. Taking a step back and looking at the grand scheme of things, women are just herd-animals that must be guided into benefiting a party that has proven to destroy everything it touches. If a woman gets out of line, an entire pack of shepherd dogs will be along shortly to bark them right back into line.

If the left really were about women’s empowerment then they would respect a woman’s decision to think for herself and make decisions that she feels happy and comfortable with. If she wants to be a stay-at-home mother then that should be an applause-worthy choice, but feminism has specifically called that a waste of a woman’s time. Having children and staying at home to raise them is the same as slavery.

They must believe in abortion, must believe in the collapse of patriarchy, and have a natural distrust and anger toward men. They must support the candidates they’re told to support and any contrary opinion will be punished through mob action if warranted…or hell, even if it’s not.

Women are only useful objects to be used, which is, hilariously, what they’ve accused men of looking at women as.

Funny how it’s always the people who scream accusations the loudest that are the most guilty of that thing.

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