Girl Scout Org. Tweet Honors 5 Women on SCOTUS, Then Swiftly Bowed to SJW Scolds

Earlier today, the Girl Scouts of America organization shared what appeared to be a celebration of American women’s achievements when it posted a tweet honoring the five women who’ve served as members of the Supreme Court of the United States. The text above the Twitter image showing Justices Ginsburg, Barrett, O’Connor, Sotomayor, and Kagen, specifically recognizes new Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s ascension to the High Court this week.


The tweet read: “Congratulations Amy Coney Barrett on becoming the 5th woman appointed to the Supreme Court since its inception in 1789,” and ended with a “praise” emoji. But the positive tone from the over a century-old, non profit group for girls and women (which was founded in 1912) proved to be short-lived…once the SJW scolds on the Left got wind of it.

Here was the top blue check to call out the Girl Scouts’ “misstep” against leftist conformity.

She wrote:

I really wish y’all hadn’t done this. She [Barrett] stands in total opposition to basically every line of the Girl Scout Law. Please delete.

And Hagan wasn’t alone. A whole mob descended on the completely harmless (and empowering) tweet, as this handy compilation shows (and for us old people, there’s an enlarged version below):

This evening, unfortunately, the Girl Scouts of America bowed to the scolds, by deleting the offending tweet.

They wrote:


Earlier today, we shared a post highlighting the five women who have been appointed to the Supreme Court. It was quickly viewed as a political and partisan statement which was not our intent and we have removed the post.

Then added:

Girl Scouts of the USA is a nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization. We are neither red nor blue, but Girl Scout GREEN. We are here to lift up girls and women.

Oh, c’mon. Who do they think they’re kidding! “Nonpolitical, nonpartisan”?

In a startling bit ot irony, look who has no trouble debunking that concept, in a comment on the Girl Scouts’ statement. Allie Hagen claims she worked as a congressional lobbyist for the organization:

She wrote:

Also it absolutely IS a political organization. I worked in the Public Policy & Advocacy Office. I took cookies to the Hill to discuss girls’ issues. Get out of here with that argument.

And she’s not wrong. No doubt, many Conservatives are familiar with the GSA’s overtly political activities, including providing literature to developing, young girls about explicit, sexual subjects, embracing transgenderism under the guise of ‘equality,” and perhaps most damning of all, supporting Planned Parenthood. As my colleague Brandon Morse wrote last year, the GSA barely hides their progressive slant these days. [see: Girl Scouts Reward Highest Honor to Girl Who Organized Abortion Promotion Campaign]


As the other Stephen Miller put it:


H/T: MollyRatty


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