The Most Insane Part of the Bobulinski Interview On the Bidens Is the Least Shocking

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Last night I was watching the Tucker Carlson interview with Tony Bobulinski as many in America were. The number of beans being spilled should have sent the news world into a frenzy. There’s so much information to dig into that, if this were a cake, we haven’t even begun to get through the layer of icing. All we need was remove that annoying plastic flower on the top.

My colleague Streiff wrote a very good point about the interview. The one thing we get hung up on is that Hunter Biden is the main character of this drama. He’s not. The central figure is Joe Biden, the patriarchal leader of the Biden family on whose name the Chinese are making deals. Yes, there’s child porn on Hunter’s laptop and, if all of this is real, Hunter should find himself behind bars for a good long while, but that child porn is excellent leverage to make Joe do what the Chinese want him to.

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In a just world, that paragraph I wrote above would be more than enough reason for the mainstream media to begin diving in headfirst to find out exactly what’s going on with the Biden family, their relationship to China, and what else might be going on in terms of corruption.

But it’s not.

As Streiff said, the media is content to turn a blind eye and begin muttering about disinformation before immediately turning to President Donald Trump’s latest scandal of breathing out of his right nostril when he should have breathed out of his left.

At this point, one has to ask what the mainstream media is even here for if not to be a complete PR branch of the Democrat party.

At this point, it should shock the world that we’re not diving into this more than we are. Not only is this an issue of some very extreme wrongdoing in the form of child porn and hard drug use, but it’s also an issue of national security. At this point, it’s imperative that we find out if the man who may soon be the leader of the free world is, in any way, owned by the leaders of the chained world.

This is an issue that should concern everyone living in America. Giving China any control over our country in any way should be a prospect that scared the living hell out of any American, especially any American in the journalism industry who may find themselves being censored, if not even punished for reporting anything that may damage China.

The most insane thing about that Tucker Carlson interview is the fact that it’s only being covered by Tucker Carlson. There’s so much red meat here that it would take multiple outlets with an army of investigative journalists to uncover it all. It would be a story that would go down in history. It would show America that there truly is a level of corruption in our government that should cause us a huge amount of worry.

Investigations would lead to investigations. A mass restructuring would be called for as more of the swamp is drained and we find out who in our government is owned by foreign powers. Our press would be looked at as heroes for removing the layers of lies and deceptive vails that protect politicians and activist groups from scrutiny.

But it’s not happening. When you stop to think about what could be vs. what is, it really shows you the scope of corruption that has infected our media. Only Tucker Carlson is putting this out there to see. Only Tucker Carlson is willing to expose the truth.

Out of hundreds of media news agencies and thousands of investigative reporters, only Tucker Carlson is willing to talk about the fact that we may be electing a man who could very well be owned by China.

It’s not just insane. This is tragic, and it’s a tragedy that could push America into a period of immense darkness.

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