The Hunter Biden Emails Are About Joe Biden Not About Hunter

AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu

Last night’s interview of Tony Bobulinski on Tucker Carlson’s show (see Former Biden Family Business Partner Lays Waste To the Biden Family Legacy In Interview With Tucker Carlson) should have removed any doubt that a) the correspondence discovered in Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop was legitimate and b) that it revealed what can only be described as an on-going and multi-year criminal conspiracy.

If we lived in a country with a functioning free press, the same group of Dick Tracys who spent the last four years wetting themselves in their excitement over every bogus allegation of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign would be on this case like stink on poo. But we don’t. And so we see the major media avert their eyes, mutter “nothing to see here” and “misinformation” as they move on to breathlessly report on the next time President Trump appears without a face diaper or catalog the number of cases of Wuhan lung AIDS associated with Trump’s campaign rallies.

Sadly, on our side of the Great Divide, we aren’t doing all that well on this story either. We’ve let ourselves go for the low hanging fruit (can I even use that expression anymore?) that presents itself in the form of Hunter Biden. There is a lot about Hunter to loathe. While I don’t think that Hunter Biden gets a pass because he is an undisciplined, spoiled, privileged drug-addict who obviously has monumental Daddy issues that seem to drive him to increased levels of recklessness, and I do think that he needs to spend some serious time in a federal prison — especially if the child porn on his laptop is verified as true — there is no way that attacking Hunter is going to move the needle on our side.

The Bobulinski interview made it clear that Joe Biden was a knowing and willing participant in the various scams in which Hunter Biden was a central figure. The interview makes it clear that the byword was “plausible deniability” to protect Joe. As we’re seeing, when you have a willfully blind, partisan, and compliant media, it doesn’t take very much to reach the threshold of “plausible.” It is also clear that the Chinese intelligence apparatus was the Biden crime family’s partner in their dealings with Communist China. That shouldn’t be a shock as virtually all large scale commercial enterprises have some degree of oversight by Chinese intelligence. What is damning is that the Bidens can’t even plead ignorance as Hunter acknowledges that one of his Chinese partners is a very senior Chinese intelligence officer. (READ Hunter Biden Caught On Tape Lamenting His Chinese Business Dealings.)

From the correspondence and the testimony of the whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, we know with total certainty that both James and Joe Biden also knew they were in bed with the intelligence service of a hostile foreign power.

One can’t escape the feeling that some of these revelations are being framed and spun by the Chinese government through their agents of influence in the US media to make Hunter Biden the bad guy. The child porn allegedly found on Biden’s computer seems to have been material that would be used to make Hunter Biden more compromised than he already is. We know that the Chinese desperately want Joe Biden to win, and the porn would be useful in manipulating a President Biden so his wastrel son would not end up in prison. The release now seems to be calculated to shut down all discussion of what else has been found using the excuse that such public revelations will hurt Hunter’s “recovery.” (See Media Tries to Use Hunter Biden’s Drug Problem to Protect Daddy Joe,)

We are only a week away from having a new president; our challenge is to push this story into the public consciousness despite the decision by the New York Times and the Washington Post and CNN and NBC and CBS and ABC and MSNBC that they will only cover this blatant corruption to the extent that they can label it as “misinformation” or a “conspiracy theory.” This is a Joe Biden issue. Hunter is a sockpuppet. We need to treat it as such.