"Defund the Police" Isn't Biden's Idea but It Will Follow Him Around Wherever He Goes

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden scratches his face as he speaks at a campaign event at Mill 19 in Pittsburgh, Pa., Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Democrat Presidential suit filler, Joe Biden, may disagree with the idea of defunding the police but it’s not going to matter much going forward. Biden is stuck between the immovable force that is the general voting population and the unstoppable lunacy of the radicals that have taken over his party.

The infestation of the hard-left first-world Marxists and its subsequent infection of radicalism into the Democratic Party pushed the idea that defunding police was a solid idea, but it was an idea that was as incomplete as it was ridiculous.

As National Review’s Kyle Smith wrote, the left’s idea of defunding the police looked like a three-step program that started with defunding the police and the second step being…well…no one is sure, but the third step was peace and prosperity throughout the land:

In a bout of June lunacy, 13 days after the death of George Floyd most of the Minneapolis City Council swore an oath to disband the city police department. Councilors said figuring out what would replace the police could come later. A Times report drolly informed the world that “council members said . . . they did not yet have specific plans to announce for what a new public safety system for the city would look like,” proving again that the Parable of the Underpants Gnome (devised in 1998) continues to be one of the most useful of all political heuristics. In this case, the U.G. thinking was as follows:

  1. Eliminate police

  2. ??????

  3. Citizens live peacefully and without fear of either cops or criminals.

Despite the continued hopes of Democrats, Americans are not stupid and saw the massive, gaping hole in the plan from the get-go. Defunding police would solve no problems and would only serve to create them.

According to an ABC poll, 64 percent of Americans checked “no” when asked if they supported defunding the police. Biden, according to his own words, is also in that group of people who think it’s a bad idea.

But too bad.

Biden is leading a party that does want to do so by a majority. According to that same ABC poll, 55 percent of Democrats want the police defunded.

This is going to create multiple problems for the Democrat’s leader. For one, he must stand in front of America and answer some questions about it. If any of the moderators who ask Biden questions over the coming days are worth even a little bit, the defund the police sensation will be brought up.

I can only imagine it will because even if the moderators won’t, Trump will. The man who spent the better part of the last few months presenting himself as the “law and order” candidate isn’t going to let the left’s man get away without mentioning his party’s penchant for applauding destruction and violence.

Regardless of how it happens, Biden will have to state during a very highly televised debate that he doesn’t support defunding the police. While I don’t expect a large abandonment over him stating that, I can’t imagine it will help his numbers. Biden will officially be in opposition to a sentiment widely shared by his own party.

What’s more, the other problem he faces is exactly the problem with his party. So what that he’s not for defunding the police? His party is and it’s pretty obvious that his party is far more in control of him than he is. If he gets elected, neutering law enforcement in some way will become a leftist hobby across the nation and it will have the blessing of the White House whether Biden likes it or not.

No matter how he positions himself, Biden and the “defund the police” movement are linked and it’s a link that voters will remember heading into the voting booths this November.

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