Trump Jr. Slams Nashville Democrat Leaders Who Knowingly Lied About COVID-19 Info, Asks Poignant Question

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Donald Trump Jr. has some things to say about the situation in Nashville and asks a very poignant question.

The story about Nashville’s city leaders knowingly keeping COVID-19 information from the public in order to keep the city locked down is now going viral, as well it should. The emails that were discovered by local reporters effectively show that city leadership knew the Coronavirus was not as contagious in certain atmospheres as advertised and hid that information from the public in order to keep the city in lockdown.


(READ: Emails Reveal Nashville City Government Hid COVID-19 Info from Public to Keep City In Lockdown)

This shocking information has also gotten the attention of Donald Trump Jr. who didn’t mince words about what should happen to the Democrats responsible for keeping the lockdown going and effectively destroying thousands of lives.

“The Dem Mayor of Nashville KNOWINGLY LIED ABOUT COVID DATA to justify shutting down bars & restaurants, killing countless jobs & small businesses in the process,” tweeted Trump Jr. “Everyone involved should face jail time.”

Trump Jr. also asked a question that we need to find the answers to immediately.

“How many other Dem run cities is this happening in?” he asked.

Thousands of jobs were wiped out based on a lie and business owners are likely receiving phone calls as this is being written that urge them to take legal action against the city’s leadership for hurting them and their employees, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck and have lived in turmoil since the closures began.


It’s unlikely that Nashville’s Democrat leadership will come out of this unscathed.

More important at this point, however, is Trump Jr.’s question of where else this might be happening.

If the information that the health department in Nashville received is the same being received in many other cities, then Democrat leadership across the country have likely taken the same steps as the Nashville leadership did.

If so, not only are we looking at nationwide lockdowns that were wholly unnecessary, but other questions must be asked. Questions such as: Who was pressuring all of these Democrat leaders to take the same exact steps? Was this move agreed upon by other leaders? When? Do communications from Democrat offices exist that would give us this answer?

Judging by the communications from the Nashville Health Department to the Mayor’s office, it’s clear that a plan was already in place to keep the info quiet should that kind of info come out. When was this plan made? Who was involved in making it?

It seems strange that a lot of these lockdowns, or at least the severity of them, happened along party lines. Democrats seemed to have all been thinking along the same lines with almost no variation. If that’s the case, then there are questions that need answering and investigations that need to take place.

The American people deserve an answer and it’s clear that Democrats aren’t going to give it to them. In fact, the Nashville city leadership openly directed one of its spokesmen to be vague about things. Democrats are clearly keeping their cards close to their chest and requiring that people go through the task of getting Freedom of Information Act requests in order to pry that info from them.



These questions need to be answered and answered right away. If these answers are any like the kind we’re seeing in Nashville, then we’re looking at one of the greatest cons on the American people we’ve seen, and what’s worse, it’s one of the greatest imposed on the American people by its own elected leadership.



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