Viral Pro-Lockdown Author Also VP of Online Learning Company That Raised $80 Million

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Who would have thought that there were people out there who didn’t have people’s best interests in mind when it came to enforcing lockdowns? Who would have thought that there would be people out there whose primary goal was actually a monetary gain?

Thomas Pueyo wrote a viral post on Medium advocating for strict lockdowns back in March. The post featured all the scaremongering and Chicken Little language you’ve come to expect from the left.

As reported by Summit News, Pueyo became an overnight sensation when his pro-lockdown article received tens of millions of views and was translated into various different languages:

Back on March 10th, Thomas Pueyo wrote a post entitled ‘Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now’ which ended up receiving 40 million views and was translated into 40 different languages.

He then followed up with another alarmist piece in which he asserted, “If we do nothing: Everybody gets infected, the healthcare system gets overwhelmed, the mortality explodes, and 10 million people die.”

Pueyo went into salacious detail about how exhausted health care workers would break down and die, how they would have to choose who to give oxygen to while allowing others to die, and how hospitals would be totally overwhelmed, with patients lining the corridors.

Now, as it turns out, Pueyo’s scaremongering had a bit of a purpose outside of ideology.

Pueyo is the VP of a company called “Course Hero which stands to gain a lot of money from lockdowns and as it turns out, he did. The online learning course received $80 million in fundraising according to Tech Crunch.

In 2020, Course Hero is a profitable business with annual run revenue upward of $100 million.

Today, Course Hero tells TechCrunch that it has raised a new tranche of capital in a Series B extension round of $70 million. The round is now totaling $80 million, bringing Course Hero’s total known venture capital to date to $95 million.

Its $80 million Series B round is one of the largest U.S. funding deals of 2020, and brings Course Hero’s valuation to $1.1 billion.

Not only did Pueyo delve deeply into alarmism that was shared far and wide, he did so with the understanding that a lockdown would put his business into a good spot financially.

This is made absolutely horrific when you consider the millions of people who are losing everything because their states are keeping them in a state of lockdown. Business closures have become a common sight in America and millions are still out of work.

Pure slime.