Goodyear Stepped in It With Its Rejection of "Blue Lives Matter" and Now Its Stock Is in Trouble

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This photo provided by the Goodyear Tire

Goodyear got woke and now it may go a bit broke.

As my colleague, Mike Miller reported earlier Wednesday, the well-known tire company, Goodyear, went full virtue-signal happy and told their employees that terms such as “MAGA,” or “All Lives Matter,” or even “Blue Lives Matter” were unacceptable in the workplace.


Miller reported the company has a “zero-tolerance” policy for such moral positions as believing that police or the lives of all people are of equal importance.

As you can imagine, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” was perfectly fine according to a leaked screenshot of the tire company’s policy.

As is the rule, however, Goodyear went woke and now customers are a bit turned off. In anticipation of Goodyear seeing a drop in sales due to the rejection of police and the embracing of racial politics, its stock has taken a four percent dip.

This was first noticed by The Federalist’s Sean Davis.

“Goodyear’s stock price is down over 4 percent so far today (the overall market is slightly up) following news that the company endorsed “Black Lives Matter” and banned employee support for police,” tweeted Davis. “The stock took a nose-dive after Trump called for a boycott.”

It probably didn’t help that Trump called for a boycott of the tire company from his Twitter feed.


But, as Miller also noted, when Goodyear was reached out for a statement they didn’t exactly defend themselves. Their response was a non-apology that waxed vanilla on how the company is “fostering an inclusive and respectful workplace.”

The public apparently disagrees with this, or at least, the stockholders understand by now that once a company decides to go down the woke road they’ll soon find themselves driving right off a cliff. It happened to Dick’s Sporting Goods and Gillette the latter of which lost billions after its woke, anti-masculinity ad that attacked men for being men.

This is a good thing that the stock market now understands that there is no money in social justice, and soon, companies may decide that distancing themselves from this kind of lunacy is the best move.



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