An American Nuclear Weapons Lab Forced White Employees to Attend "White Privilege" Training

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Social justice has infected so much of our society, even to the point where it’s now causing companies that make nuclear bombs to act like college campuses.


According to the Free Beacon, white male employees were forced to attend a three-day training session back in 2019 where they were to learn about their “privilege” according to leaked documents:

At the three-day training session, called, “White Men’s Caucus on Eliminating Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in Organizations,” participants were encouraged to examine their privilege as white, heterosexual men. Christopher Rufo, a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation and contributing editor at City Journal, leaked documents from the seminar, which took place in September 2019, in a tweet on Wednesday.

The Free Beacon reported that participants were forced to do word association for “white male culture” and the list created contained words like “KKK” and “MAGA hat.” It also contains a description of white systemic privilege, which includes having role models that aren’t terrorists.

“I routinely witness and benefit from the many positive white male role models displayed in the media, politics, and entertainment that far outweigh the Tim McVeighs and Ted Kaczynskis of white maleness,” the document reads.

One document asserted that positive attitudes that help white men and that they were often the first to be served and most listened to. The participants were then forced to write apology messages to women and minorities:


One document said, “rugged individualism,” a “can-do attitude,” and “operating from principles and conscience” are vestigial attitudes that once helped white men survive. Another listed statements of privilege, which included assertions like, “White privilege is being the first in line: first to be served; first to be noticed; first to be listened to, etcetera” and “Men can ogle women and get a pass from their colleagues.”

Participants wrote apology messages to white women, people of color, and other groups as a reflection at the end of the seminar.

Keep in mind that this is a federally-funded weapons laboratory. Our taxpayer dollars, which are supposed to go toward helping keep the United States at the top of the nuclear food chain, are using it to target and insult an entire race.

This program is an example of how racist the social justice movement is and targeting white men for “reeducation” for their skin color and forcing them to attend workshops that insult and demean them could have legal ramifications.

Moreover, it’s concerning to me that they listed positive attitudes such as “rugged individualism” as a negative. It’s that attitude that allowed many to go on to create things that have never been seen before that changed the world…like the United States of America.


Also, the idea that “operating principles and conscience” is a “white” trait that helps them get ahead is an odd thing to declare. Morals are the grease by which the cogs of society run smoothly and attempting to say that sticking to them is a white trait that is patently untrue. What the end-goal of trying to enforce this into white employees does is unclear.

More than that, however, what any of this has to do with designing and creating nuclear weapons is also unclear. Why this was necessary warrants an investigation by the federal government, and upon finding illegality with what happened here, federal funding should be pulled from the company. American’s pay taxes in the hope that their money will go to improving the United States in its infrastructure, technology, military, and more. While this is often abused, using it to sit people in a room and tell them how horrible they are because of their skin color is one of those things that is beyond unacceptable.

I’d rather the money I pay in taxes not go to fund this kind of racist, bigoted nonsense.

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