Elect Biden and You Will Have Elected to Be Run by the Unelected

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event in Columbus, Ohio, Tuesday, March 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon)

President Biden isn’t going to be the one running the show that is the United States of American if he wins.

I don’t think I need to tell you that the Democrats choice for President of the United States could hardly qualify for President of a four-year-old girl’s tea party, most of which consist of stuffed animals. For one, he has the cognitive reliance of a four-year-old, for another, I really don’t want him around young girls.

Or girls of any age for that matter.

Biden’s ability to gaffe is unmatched. Half the time he doesn’t seem to know where he is, what he’s doing, and is easily angered, resulting in even more gaffes that the press must then work overtime to stop from burning down his campaign, which they might already be too late for.

In just the last few days, Biden overreacted to being asked if he took a cognitive test to the point where he asked a black man if he was a junkie, then he unthinkingly said the black community wasn’t diverse but Latinos were. On a different day and with a different party, this would have been a campaign ender alone, but this is 2020 and everything sucks.

This is just one fingertip of icing on the sour cake that is the Biden campaign. Every week it’s a new gaffe and every week it’s another reason not to vote for him or the Democrats.

But something needs to be made very clear.

Since it’s pretty obvious that Biden isn’t fit for office, we can safely assume that once he gets there it won’t be him running things. In his place will be whoever is selected by his handlers in the DNC.

To be clear, we elect a President and many officials. Appointments are made by those we elect, but the people we elect are still in charge.

This won’t be the case with Biden.

Not only will Biden not have the ability to run the government he was elected to, but they also won’t trust Biden to choose his own cabinet. This is a man on record as forgetting Barack Obama’s name and what year it is. Do you think they would allow him to pick the people in his cabinet who will be in charge of running the rest of the country?

There’s no way.

Moreover, I sincerely doubt that Biden will make it through a single term. I’m not being dark, here. I think they’ll make an excuse as to why he can’t continue in his capacity as POTUS and from there on, Biden’s VP will take charge. It’s more likely the VP that Democrats will be voting for, but as it stands, it appears that Democrats are already having a hard time getting behind any one candidate for that either.

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No matter who they select, it sounds like many in the Democrat party aren’t going to be happy with it, so we can just assume that a (mostly) unelected official will be taking command once Biden departs office. We can at least know that the VP will be someone the DNC has had a heavy hand in choosing. We’ve seen to what lengths they’ll go to to make sure the candidate they approve of gets in.

I don’t think I need to spell out the trouble with this, but hey, it’s 2020.

Unelected officials don’t really hold themselves to the same standards as elected officials. The trouble with these folks is that they don’t answer to you, they answer to someone else by nature. In the case of a Biden cabinet, they’ll be answering to the DNC.

This is the same DNC that’s known to lie, manipulate, and betray its own people if it means achieving power. Don’t think for a second that they’ll have your best interests in mind.



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