If the Head of the Democrat Party Gets Angry Over the Press Asking Her Questions, Then They're In Big Trouble

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
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Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speaks at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, July 31, 2020. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got a bit on the angry side the other day when Judy Woodruff of PBS News Hour asked her to respond to a simple talking point being made by Republicans about COVID-19 funding.

Watch the video below and see Pelosi’s face change once the question comes up. She tries very hard to hold it together, but eventually, the words just come pouring out of her. She accuses Woodruff of carrying the Republican’s water and “being an advocate for them.”

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Woodruff said that she was merely playing “devil’s advocate” which Pelosi angrily denied outright.

A few things here.

Pelosi’s utter indignance about having to answer to simple Republican talking points is telling. She wanted to be served softballs and be given a platform for anti-Republican rhetoric with no questions asked. She didn’t get that, but I would hardly say she was being put on the spot either.

Woodruff made it clear that she was simply playing “devil’s advocate” and simply stating a Republican talking point and giving Pelosi the chance to respond. Pelosi was angered by the mere mention of it. This shows that she didn’t prepare to have to debate and that she doesn’t have an answer. Republicans are correct and Pelosi has nothing to come back with. Her immediate response was indignance at being forced to answer to an inconvenient truth and to accuse Woodruff of essentially being a Republican ally for putting her on the spot like that.

In the real world, that’s called being a journalist.

I also want to bring up another interesting insight here. Woodruff said she was merely playing devil’s advocate, a fact that Pelosi denied outright as if she knew it for a fact. Why would she do that?

Because Democrats know that the press will often try to trip up Republicans in similar ways and put them on the back foot in order to make them explain themselves. I doubt Woodruff was doing any such thing here, but since Pelosi felt like that’s what was happening it tells us that she knows the press’s biased tactics when she sees them.

This may come as a surprise to you, but the Democrats and the press are often in bed with one another.

But overall, I’m surprised that Pelosi couldn’t answer this, even with one of her trademark overdramatization of how Republicans are liars and evil. She clearly felt cornered by the simple talking point.

If the leader of the Democratic party can’t back her own party’s position up or even answer Republican talking points, why is she the leader of the Democratic party? Moreover, if she can’t answer to them, then what hope does the Democrat party have going into debates? PBS is hardly friendly to the right. The press is the Democrat party’s safe space. If she can’t talk amongst them, then what chance to her underlings have when they have to argue with their Republican counterparts live?

Between Pelosi’s incompetent corruption and Biden’s cognitive absence, I’m amazed that the Democratic party is even a remote contender in this year’s elections. So far their strongest showing has been the flailing and faux outrage of random Senators and Congress-critters about how racist everyone but them is.

So far the left’s main platform is “we’re not Trump and that’s all that should matter.”

Only it does matter. It’s going to matter come November when the Democrats find themselves locked out of the White House once again.

Judging by Pelosi’s embarrassing showing here, I can’t say they don’t deserve another four years of psychotic outrage and desperate attempts at clawing for power.


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