David Hogg Clowns Himself Again Over Trump's Tik Tok Concerns

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David Hogg AP featured image
David Hogg, who survived the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, stands during a news conference to announce the introduction of bipartisan legislation to expand background checks for sales and transfers of firearms, on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019 in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

It wasn’t long ago that I gave Parkland Shooting survivor David Hogg my first and — to date — only compliment I’ve ever given him. That compliment has now been wiped out by Hogg’s unfailing ability to embarrass himself with his hypocrisy.

Back in March, Hogg told his Twitter audience that Tik Tok was a national security threat and should only be used as a way to call China out for their human rights abuses. He referred to the app as “spyware” and that he was very serious about banning the app from our shores.

For that, he was given kudos by people on both sides of the aisle, including myself.

But then President Donald Trump announced he wanted to ban the app, too. You’d think Hogg would finally have found common ground with Trump, but according to Hogg, the real reason Trump wants to ban the app is that he’s afraid of teenagers.

For one, if Trump was honestly so scared that a social media platform was going to cause him to lose in 2020 because so many leftists were using it to spread their ideas, then he would just ban them all if he could. Each of them are hard-left platforms that go above and beyond to censor conservative thought and information.


Many believe that Trump wants to ban Tik Tok due to the fact that leftists used the platform to sabotage his last June rally by organizing a huge reserving of seats to stop actual rally goers from attending. CNN was so giddy over the stunt that it openly praised the sabotage while simultaneously claiming that the empty seats were just proof that the people were no longer as gung-ho for Trump as they used to be.

Other factors may have played a part, such as the Coronavirus fears, but many anti-Trump Tik Tok users claim they were the reason behind it.

Regardless, he still blew Biden out of the water. Biden only attracted a grand total of 2,800 people during his virtual happy hour in March.

Hogg still maintains that we should ban Tik Tok due to its national security risk, but has used the moment to mock Trump and conservatives.


That’s Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg using his murdered classmates as a tool to slam his political enemies with…again.

Tik Tok may get bought by Microsoft in the near future from the Chinese company ByteDance. Trump has issued a time limit of 45 days for the deal to go through or else he’s taking action. The buyout would reportedly include the requirement that any information about its users stored in its servers would be purged and deleted.

Not everyone is going to trust that the Chinese government is going to just give up that amount of information, and investigations should happen in some capacity if that deal goes through.


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