Cancel Culture and How to Cancel It

Cancel Cancel Culture

Cancel culture has got our society gripped in fear.

Recent polls have revealed that the majority of Americans are now afraid of voicing their opinions about any given socio-political subject for fear that something may happen to them if they do. What’s more, the majority of those afraid to say anything are right-leaning in some way.


(The Silenced Majority: Striking Number of Americans Afraid to Speak out About Their Political Opinions)

This doesn’t surprise many as the left has made it overtly clear that speaking out against them may very well result in the ruination of your life. We’ve given this action by a raging mob the name “cancel culture” and it’s a plague on our society.

It’s a plague that is uncompromising, unfair, unintelligent, and recognizes no loyalties or allies. It will set its target on you whether you’re rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, black or white, man or woman.

So how do we get rid of it? There are various ideas such as my colleague Kira Davis’s, which you should definitely read.

(Kira Davis: How Do We Cancel ‘Cancel Culture?’)

In my latest video, I tell you exactly how we can begin to eliminate this disease by first exposing cancel culture for what it really is — and what it is may actually surprise you.


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