Democrats Have Gone Back to Square One On Race

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Police protest

Yesterday we received a treasure trove of videos from Washington D.C. featuring what I can only describe as the most hilariously un-self-aware protest in the history of protests.

As my colleague, Nick Arama, covered in an article we were treated to a plethora of woke white leftists screaming at black cops on behalf of black people. One gem in particular was a white woman telling a black man that he was part of the problem and she, being white, needed to fix it.

So a white woman was going to fix a black man in order to defeat racism…I guess. She didn’t stop with just harassing one black cop either. She found another one and dug in, this time with a female.

Other hits appeared throughout the day.

Here’s one interestingly dressed man yelling at black people and claiming that he’s more of a representative of black lives matter than they are.

And this very angry (and clearly high) gentleman who was cursing at a black officer about how he’s the shame of his black family.

Hell, just for giggles, let’s throw in New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proclaiming that she’s black because she’s Latina.

I don’t think I need to point out the connection here.

There’s a really weird delusion among leftists that have developed among the radical parts of it that were born from the oft-cited soft bigotry of their low expectations of minorities. Since Republicans had wrecked the left’s ability to rule over minorities with an iron fist after the passage of the civil rights act in the 1960s, the Democrat party had decided it would switch tac and smother them with “compassion” instead.

The new way was to claim that minorities couldn’t make it on their own in America and as such, it needed to rely on the government for nearly everything. As such, the left proceeded to make it very easy to rely on the government for everything and make it hard to wiggle out from under its thumb once you were there.

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As the radicalism increased in the party, that idea became more and more pronounced to the point where white leftists have decided that it’s their responsibility to speak for black people at black people about black people and what black people should believe.

In a way, Democrats have gone back to square one.

Not that it’s just radicals that do it. Joe Biden did tell black people that if they’re voting for Trump, they’re not really black, after all. Regardless, the above videos show you just how far the left has sunk in terms of what it thinks about minorities. Just like the Democrats of old, these leftists believe that they own black people both in mind and body and it’s their job to keep them in line.

Time after time, we’ve watched the left use minority communities as a tool or a prop, not a people. While this is typical, I don’t think it’s ever been so brazen.

And to that, I say “good.”

I think eventually the truth will out, and while you won’t find many talking heads outside of conservative circles pointing this out, I think many Americans, especially minority Americans, are going to see this and understand that the opinions held by them aren’t very high.

As Napoleon once said, never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. I can’t think of a bigger mistake for Democrats to make right now, given their self-proclaimed position as the party of the minority.



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