Joe Rogan Hilariously Slams Celebrity Virtue Signaling Over Black Lives Matter

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UFC announcer Joe Rogan is seen at the weigh in before a UFC on FOX 5 event in Seattle, Friday, Dec. 7, 2012. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

One of the worst parts about anything that makes national headlines is the celebrities that immediately try to make it about themselves. Joe Rogan called this out in his latest podcast, and it was nothing short of masterful.


Perhaps you haven’t seen it because you keep yourselves blessedly free from the incessant yelling from celebrities from atop their moral high horses, but with Black Lives Matter once again back in the spotlight, you can bet some celebrities got together to make another one of their tired public service announcements that preach in your direction.

You know the drill. They repeat the same phrase over and over again while music plays in the background in an effort to be the example you should follow. This week’s flavor is “I take responsibility.” As in, celebrities are saying it’s their fault that Floyd’s murder happened because they didn’t blindly follow the Black Lives Matter message in the past.

Rogan got onto the topic in his recent podcast and had a blast mocking these holier-than-thou elitists. His overall message to them?

“Shut the f*ck up.”

Rogan accurately pointed out that no one needed this video and that all police can’t be blamed for the actions of a few.

“You’re taking responsibility?” asked Rogan. “No, you’re trying to get attention. That’s what you’re doing.”

Rogan advised the celebrities that if they ever feel like doing something like this again, they should call him so he can tell them exactly how it’s going to go. He then tackles the high-minded belief of celebrities that they’re actually making a difference with these out-of-touch videos.


“Do you really think that as a professional actor that you’re really going to make a f**king difference with racism, and crime, and violence, and police brutality, you should stop acting because you should go to a f**king doctor and get your head checked. There’s something wrong with you,” said Rogan.

The hilarious takedown Rogan gives the videos, alongside his guests Steve Schirripa and Michael Imperioli, is a nonstop release valve with Rogan voicing everything we’ve been thinking about these ridiculous celebrity videos.

I know for a fact we’ve all been thinking it because if you go to YouTube where the original video was posted, you can see just how hated it was by everyone who watched it. As of this writing, it has 658 thumbs up compared to over 34,000 thumbs down and the comments aren’t any nicer.

“This is embarrassing. You’re actors, learn to act like a normal human being,” wrote one commenter.

“Who doesn’t love getting preached at by overpaid court jesters?” wrote another.

“I take responsibility for clicking the dislike button,” wrote another.

The comments go on for some time like that, as well they should. It’s unclear why celebrities continue to preach at the rest of us after they’ve been repeatedly shown that doing so is only going to earn you the ire of these who watch. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if there is some kind of monetary kickback for this kind of stuff or if the delusion that they’re actually helping the situation runs that deep.


Surely they’ve seen the reactions to the other videos celebrities have released, including the very recent ones that came out during the height of the Coronavirus scare.

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Joe Rogan’s advice should be well-heeded. Celebrities should just stop. The only thing they’re doing is scratching their own itch for attention at the expense of everyone else’s eyeballs which have likely rolled out of their heads.


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