China Learns It's No Match for Ted Cruz When It Tells US to Not "Challenge China's Red Line"

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

China hasn’t been the world’s favorite place lately. Not only did it release a virus that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands across the globe, but it’s also been attempting to subjugate Hong Kong and Taiwan, two places that don’t belong to the country while claiming both are China’s territory.

On the subject of Taiwan, in fact, China is very adamant that it belongs to them and is tired of the United States considering Taiwan its own independent country. That’s why the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of Communist China, Hua Chunying, warned the United States to stop challenging China’s claim during a tweet on Sunday.

“We urge the  side to fully appreciate the great sensitivity of the Taiwan question. We advise the US side to ditch its illusions and political calculations. We ask the US side not to make any attempt to challenge China’s red line,” tweeted Hua.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, being Texan, didn’t appreciate communists from another nation giving the United States warnings about questioning its claims on something. Questioning authority is what we do here. So, Cruz decided to fire back to the Chinese official with a warning of his own.

“We urge the Chinese govt to fully appreciate the great sensitivity of 343k people dead because CCP lied & covered up a damn global pandemic. We advise CCP to ditch its illusions & political calculations. We ask CCP not to make any attempt to hide behind a fake red line of lies,” tweeted Cruz.

Cruz himself has always supported the idea of Taiwan being an independent nation from China and even introduced the Taiwan Symbols of Sovereignty (Taiwan SOS) Act back in February, which would effectively kill the Obama-era ban on symbols of Taiwanese sovereignty.

“As China grows more hostile toward Taiwan and our friends in the region, it’s critically important for the United States and the rest of the world to stand unshakably with Taiwan. Allowing Taiwanese officials to proudly display their flag while in the United States is a step in the right direction,” Cruz said in the statement.

Cruz’s willingness to challenge the CCP wasn’t a solo act. It would appear many other Americans decided to show up to give the spokesperson a figurative middle finger as well.