Democrats are In the Middle of Shooting Themselves In the Foot With Lockdowns

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A protester holds a sign in front of the pier Sunday, May 3, 2020, in Huntington Beach, Calif. In Orange County, where beaches were singled out for closure by California Gov. Gavin Newsom during the coronavirus pandemic, crowds were sparse as lifeguards and police patrolled and issued warnings to people to stay off the sand. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

One aspect that likely isn’t get a lot of consideration from Democrats is just how bad the lockdowns imposed in many blue states are going to be for the party in the long run.

Not that I want to interrupt my enemy while they’re making a mistake, but the simple fact that as testing goes up and more cases are confirmed without death, there is going to be a desire to get out, get back to work, and have fun with our friends and family again.

With certain states like Texas, Georgia, and Florida already well into releasing their lockdowns and life returning to normal without some apocalyptic end result, people are going to start questioning if their own lockdowns are worth it. Even the most gung-ho supporter is going to start having doubts.

A lot of people in blue states who have either lost their job or are on the verge of losing it are going to wonder why they can’t get out and go to work like those in other states can. They’re also going to start wondering if the wisdom of their elected officials is all that it’s really cracked up to be. They’re going to start getting the idea in their head that this is all silly.

While these ideas are developing in the minds of the voters, the Democrats are going to have one thing in mind and it’s not their citizen’s safety. As I’ve reiterated several times, the Democrats aren’t overly concerned about people spreading the virus. They’re more concerned, instead, about an economy roaring back under the guidance of President Donald Trump, who we’re told ad nauseum is very, very bad. They’re going to do what they can to surpass the murmurs of dissent that begin to rise out of the populace by painting their actions with flowery words and false promises. However, they won’t be able to escape their authoritarian nature and their actions will shine a lot brighter than their words.

As poverty continues to grow in the blue states, people remain on lockdown, and the news becomes even less scary, people are going to start getting angry. Open defiance, already happening in blue states, will begin to grow larger and larger.

Not to be cliche, but Republicans will pounce here.

Every talking head, politician, and opinion writer (including yours truly) is going to point out that this draconian nonsense isn’t happening in states run by Republicans. Even in blue states, various local authorities with a freedom-minded bent are already standing back and shrugging as citizens defy quarantine orders right in front of them and those towns are fine. We’re going to highlight the absurdity of these lockdowns and highlight the fact that poverty is having a much more devastating effect than the virus could ever dream to have.

As the Democrat narrative fails and the truth is exposed, people are going to stand back and see Democrats holding their chains. Many will simply unshackle themselves and walk away to different states and that’s all well and good, but more importantly, many will begin to question the nature of the Democrat party.

It’s not the caring and compassionate group of activists and politicians they said they were. They’re willing to let people suffer just to win an election. That point will be glaringly obvious.

My question is, how do Democrats plan to spin their actions when the “it’s about science and safety” narrative fails? I’m not sure they’ll be able to without some serious creativity from all the king’s horses and all the king’s men in the media. Even then, it might not be effective enough as the media has shot its reputation to pieces during the Trump impeachment attempts.

From my point of view, it would appear that the Democrats are backing themselves into a corner they aren’t going to be able to get out of.



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