Chris Cuomo Hypocritically Accuses People of Being Greedy for Going out as States Lift Lockdowns

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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo arrives for the funeral for journalist Jimmy Breslin, at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in New York, Wednesday, March 22, 2017. Breslin died Sunday, at age 88 after decades of battling corrupt politicians and championing the downtrodden in columns for the Daily News and other New York newspapers. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Remember when CNN host Chris Cuomo had COVID-19 and left quarantine to go check out his property in East Hampton?

Chris Cuomo doesn’t remember.

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Or at least, that’s my guess, seeing as how he spent some time on Monday night shaming those who are going out after lockdown orders are being lifted in various states. What’s more, the man who left quarantine to visit his second property and even got into it with a man passing by on his bike is accusing those who go out of being greedy.

Cuomo begins his segment by talking about how he’s grateful for being back in the studio for the first time after being sick with the coronavirus and thanking those who showed him kindness. He then switches gears, saying he’s worried that while the battle is over for him, it’s not over for everyone else and according to him, too many people are “dead wrong” to think so.

“Facts, case numbers climbing pretty much everywhere, 68,000 plus deaths now,” said Cuomo. “Two weeks ago the president said we’d have 60,000 deaths period. Now, his administration reportedly, privately, projecting there are going to be 9/11-like death tolls on a daily basis by June.”

Cuomo then spends a moment attacking Trump by accusing him of not being “fact focused” or educated on it in the least. He then says that regardless, we shouldn’t put this on Trump. Instead, we should put the blame on ourselves because we know the virus is spreading.


To his credit, Cuomo makes it a point to note that people are scared thanks to economic concerns and that many people’s lives are being destroyed. He notes that mental health will become an issue like never before.

However, bizarrely, Cuomo suddenly switches gears and seems to believe that he’s dispelling people’s delusions. Pictures of people hanging out together in a park on a pretty day pop up on the screen causing Cuomo to call them all “fools. Fools!”

“I know they want to be out there! Fools! It’s not about you!” he says to the people leaving their homes. “what about the other people?”

Once again, bizarrely, he switches gears again after castigating the audience and says “I’m not going to castigate you. That’s not my job. I’m not your daddy.”

Cuomo said that the real reason we’re wanting to get out is that we want to, not because we need to.

“We are rushing to get back out of want, not out of need. Beautiful weather does not make for a beautiful reality,” said Cuomo.

“What are we rushing back to?” Cuomo later asks. “Politicians are making these decisions, not scientists.”

Cuomo urged to think about losing what we’ve gained during this pandemic, which is also a bizarre statement.


This entire clip is gross for a couple of reasons. For one, Cuomo seems to want to urge you to follow rules that he doesn’t seem to want to follow himself. He’s perfectly content to leave lockdown while he’s confirmed to have the virus. This is something that he seems to not care about or even acknowledge. The fact that he doesn’t makes this little rant of his, and calling others “fools” all the more ridiculous.

Secondly, for all of Cuomo’s talk about facts and science, he seems to be very careful about what facts he’s spouting. Yes, infection rates will go up and it’s likely that a few people will die from it, but as more and more information comes out, we can see that the consequences for the virus are much lower than the consequences people will face from an economy that is in the trash. The virus tends to be far milder than we originally thought, and the lockdown measures are causing increasingly horrific damage all on their own.

It’s unlikely that the virus is going to go away, even with lockdown measures in place. The spread still continued and it’s no wonder. Logically, if you’re trying to stop the spread of something, you don’t have everyone meet at the same location for food items, which is exactly what we did. It couldn’t be helped, but it still created a hotspot in every community for the virus. If the Stanford study is correct, many more people than we think have or had the virus and just never knew it because the symptoms can be less than noticeable.


Cuomo is telling us the sky is going to fall but I just don’t see it. Privately, I don’t think he really feels the sky is falling either judging by the way he acts while having the virus.



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