Dear Socialists, Your Ideological Bubble Isn't the World

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., gestures while speaking at George Washington University in Washington, Wednesday, June 12, 2019, on his policy of democratic socialism, the economic philosophy that has guided his political career. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Everybody and their dog knew that Hillary Clinton was going to win in 2016. Everybody knew that the then-Republican candidate was unelectable and would lead to a massive Republican defeat. Everybody knew that the Democrats would likely have a 16-year streak of White House residency.

When the votes began rolling in, so did reality. Trump was going to win, and the years-long search to figure out how that could have happened began. It continues to this day. We had the clues that it was going to happen, though.

While Clinton could hardly fill a gym, Trump was selling out stadiums that had overflow crowds numbering in the hundreds, sometimes thousands. The press could hardly go two minutes without mentioning Trump whereas it would appear that they had to be very careful about what they aired regarding Clinton.

The 2016 race had Trump’s name written all over it both figuratively and very, very literally.

Yet, many people missed it. Why? They missed it because we were wrapped up in a thick media bubble that told us Clinton was the front runner. Poll after poll that was released showed Clinton with an easy victory. We were all trapped in the bubble. It was an important lesson to learn.

Fast-forward to 2020 and there’s still bubbling going on. I found a post on Reddit that I found very interesting and it highlighted just how much a bubble can convince you that you live in a reality that isn’t at all real.

On the subreddit r/SandersForPresident, one user asked why Sanders is not leading everything in every place. He seemed very confused given Sanders’ opponents.

“How is he behind?” asked the user. “His opponent is Joe Biden. I just don’t understand people wanting Biden or Trump at the moment.”

The answer the user received was very simple but very factual.

“Reddit and Twitter are not real life,” responded another user.

We can easily piece together what happened. This poor Bernie-bro had been a part of carefully moderated parts of the internet that only spoke so highly of Sanders and delivered nothing but good news about him. All of the information he received about Sanders’ opponents was the worst of the worst. He never got a chance to believe anything otherwise. His news was filtered and curated for him and as such, he cannot wrap his mind around why anyone would want to vote for anyone but Sanders, and moreover, why he’s doing so badly.

The truth is that America just isn’t into the ideological nonsense that Sanders and his ilk bring to the table. Not only has socialism never worked in any country it was implemented in; the people who sign on with it with are hardly stable. You can look to Kyle Jurek and Antifa for proof of this. These are people who cheer socialism and communism, and openly threaten violence upon anyone who would stand in the way of the “revolution.”

America just isn’t having it, yet the socialists seem to have convinced themselves that socialism is not only doable, it’s something that the people actually want.

First off, it’s not doable. It’s never been doable. The idea that it’s never been tried is lunacy and moreover, as Jordan Peterson once said, believing that you can take a system that is broken from the word go and make it work is arrogance at its peak.

The fact is, socialism can’t be implemented because the nature of humanity won’t allow it. We’re not biologically programmed to support it. Not only are we not capable of undergoing socialism as a species, the nature of our universe doesn’t support it either. Death, destruction, advantage, and disadvantage are a natural part of everything you find on this globe and outside of it. Even if we became machines that operated perfectly in sync with one another, imbalance would still be present as nature takes its toll on everything.

The Internet has given us a lot of things but it has also allowed for the creation of bubbles, and these bubbles have convinced the socialists in America that they have a chance and that what they believe will not only work but that it’s actually good.

It’s neither. Socialism is a disease that has killed more people and ruined more countries than any other. It’s a cancer. The Bernie-bros just now figuring out that their candidate is being rejected by everyone need to leave their bubble and realize that what they believe is a fairy tale.


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