Be a House Wife If It Pleases You

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I came across something today that really showed me just how pervasive the feminist mentality is, and just how destructive it’s become.

An MSN headline reads “Mum’s brutal housework routine sparks outrage.” Curious, I clicked it only to find what could be described as a housewife and mother of four being a housewife and mother who takes care of her family.

The woman, Brooke Smith, posted to a Facebook group about her daily routine according to the MSN:

Brisbane local Brooke Smith posted on the Mums Who Organise, Clean, Cook and Chat Facebook group on Monday, revealing her lengthy chore list, which can see her not going to bed until midnight.

She wakes up every morning to make her husband breakfast before he goes to work… at 4:30 am.

“I always make sure I don’t go to bed until everyone’s lunches are packed, their clothes are set out for the next day including my husband’s and the house is clean”, she wrote.

“Sometimes it means I get to bed at nine sometimes that means I get to bed at midnight but I always get up early (4:30 with husband to make his breakfast and coffee),” she posted.

Then she will do her face and hair and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet before she gets her boys up 5:45 am.

Is it a bit more intense than many other wives who do this? Yeah, probably. However, Smith seems like a driven case. She and her husband both run a construction company, where her husband is working with his hands all day. They also breed bulldogs and run an MMA gym.

This couple is clearly driven, and in that light, it’s not necessarily a weird thing that she’s up at 4:30 in the AM to help around the house. It shouldn’t be considered weird regardless.

It’s bad enough that MSN prefaced this woman’s life as “brutal” from the get-go, but apparently the story went mainstream and found its way onto Australian television where she was all but laughed at by the hosts of “Today.”

The hosts made it clear that Smith can do whatever she wants, but seemed to denigrate the husband as lazy and the wife for living in the past.

“Has he hypnotized her or something? Who does this stuff? Making his breakfast and then putting his clothes out…is he disabled or something?” said one of the male hosts.

“Seriously, get a grip, get off your bum and do stuff yourself,” he added.

The snide remarks and derisive laughter are an eye-opener. They show what direction we as a civilization have gone, and moreover, just how hypocritical the movement the mainstream chose to follow is.

Smith is clearly a woman who does more in a single day than many people do in a week. She and her husband run three businesses, and she still finds time to focus on raising her family and taking care of the household. She’s happy doing it, and that’s a good thing. This is her choice.

We hear all the time from feminists that women should be free to do whatever they want, but they clearly don’t believe that at all. The moment a woman does anything that seems “traditional,” feminists do everything in their power to make it seem like this woman is somehow less, and that she’s wasting her time, her capability, and her life.

To them, you’re not a real woman unless you’re rejecting a life of focusing on your family 100 percent of the time.

This is asinine.

First off, if it makes you happy, then do it. These people have no right to judge you. Being a housewife isn’t as easy as they make it sound. They provide structure to the home which is unbelievably necessary to a child’s development. They make sure the home runs smoothly which reduces stress for all parties, and makes issues that pop up seem more manageable and easy to solve.

This is round-the-clock work that eclipses the work the women sitting in front of cameras and sneering at you do for a few hours a day where they’re catered and pandered to. There’s no public glory in it, that is true. It’s not as glamorous. Your hair won’t always be done up, your makeup won’t be on point, and at any given time you will likely be sporting a stain provided by your housework or a child.

But you will be a superhero to your husband and your children. All parties will look back and see that you were the glue that held it all together. I know that because I can say that about both my mother and step-mother.

What’s more, according to research, housewives are happier than women who leave the home to work according to the Daily Mail:

The report said: ‘Homemakers are happier than people working in any other occupation, but they work double the hours most people think.’

The findings reinforce the results of large-scale research on well-being carried out by the Office for National Statistics, which has shown that stay-at-home mothers believe their lives are more worthwhile than their counterparts in work.

Government surveys have also shown that more than a third of mothers who go out to work would like to give up their jobs and stay at home with their children.

Fulfillment and happiness isn’t a bad thing to aim for, and if women are happier staying at home with the children taking care of the home, then what place does the feminist movement have in trying to sway women away from it with derision and mocking?

There should be no shame attached to wanting to be a housewife and rely on your husband to be the breadwinner. It clearly worked for a long, long time and was, in part, responsible for bringing up the greatest generation.

I realize that saying this as a male may raise a few eyebrows, but if many a study and observable examples show us that all parties are pleased when the wife stays at home, and the only comeback to it is miserable people laughing at happy people while calling them “trads” then what does it matter who the messenger is?

The facts are the facts are the facts.

Ladies, if you want to go out and work for a living, then go do that. If that’s what floats your boat and it’s a stable factor in your marriage, then go for it.

However, if you have the pull to stay at home and take care of the house and spend more time raising your children, then don’t let people who aren’t ever happy about anything drag you away from what makes you happy. In fact, be happy in the open and be proud of it. Encourage more women who yearn for it but are too afraid to voice it out loud to be as happy as you and ignore the people who would try to make them feel second class.

You’re not less for wanting to care for others, but those who would hate you for it certainly are trying to make the world a lesser place.


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