Biden Folds Like a Cheap Suit Under Heckles from Angry Climate Mob

Screenshot from this video

Former Vice President Joe Biden usually doesn’t take heckling well and will give back as hard as he gets, even to the point of calling someone “fat,” but it would appear that as big as Biden’s britches are, they aren’t big enough to face down the climate mob.


The religious order of climate alarmists showed up at one of Biden’s campaign stops in Somersworth, N.H., and proceeded to shout him down about eliminating fossil fuels. The GOP War Room posted the moment to YouTube.

In the video, Biden is discussing healthcare while in the background, you can hear someone screaming some unintelligible. Biden comments that “the Trumpers are here,” and Biden’s crowd reacts by chanting “we want Joe.”

Biden calms the crowd, telling them that the climate alarmists are “alright” and that they want the same thing he wants; to phase out fossil fuels. Biden tries to continue, but the church of climate change demands your full attention and fealty at all times. The heckling continues as Biden pleads with them not to act like “Trumpers.”

“Don’t act like the Trumpers, okay?” Biden said to the alarmists off-camera. “Alright? Don’t be like Trump. Please. We’re on the same team. Don’t be like Trump. I’ll talk to you afterwards if you’d like to talk, okay?”


A woman in the crowd stood up and began to say something that wasn’t caught by the microphone, but it caused Biden to defend the Obama administration’s attack on the coal industry.

“That’s why in our administration we wiped out – no more coal plants,” he told her. “There is one in New Hampshire. We can’t do it all at once. We’re working on it kid. We’re working on it.”

It’s rare to see Biden cave to hecklers. Either he’s learned that going after them isn’t as good a look as he thought it would be, or there’s something about the climate mob that legitimately makes him worry about going after them the same way he goes after everyone else.


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