The Left Is Oddly Possessive of Celebrities, and Just as Unforgiving Toward Them

Earlier today I wrote an article about the right’s newfound love of Star Wars actor Adam Driver, famous for playing the Sith Lord Kylo Ren. Back in 2015, he was being interviewed by a woman who asked him how it is that he plays villains so well.

Driver, a former marine, responded that he just thinks about taxes and traffic and that makes him angry enough to be villainous.

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I also have to point out that Driver was one of the few people openly applauding during the Golden Globes when Ricky Gervais told the elitist coastals in that room to accept their award without giving any political speeches because they “know nothing about the real world.”

I point it out in my latest video as well.

All that said, I doubt Driver is actually a conservative, given his penchant for starring in films and television shows that have a heavy left-leaning bent. Still, it’s fun to see a celebrity dip into the conservative pool of thought.

For the right, at least. The left isn’t too good with it. They don’t even like celebrities being remotely friendly with anything right-leaning.

You’ve seen this demonstrated a couple of times recently. Not long ago, Ellen DeGenerous was seen chumming it up with former President George W. Bush while attending a Dallas Cowboys football game. As you can probably guess, the left immediately attacked her for it and even major media outlets got involved in making sure DeGenerous felt the sting for her wrongdoing.

As my colleague, Nick Arama, reported just earlier today, actor Vince Vaughn was seen at the LSU game having a friendly conversation with President Donald Trump. The fallout has been spectacular to watch.

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They aren’t the only ones who have faced backlash for leaving the celebrity plantation. Boy George, J.K. Rowling, John Boyega, Pierce Brosnan, Kanye West, Dave Chappelle, and many more than I can possibly remember have been brought into the public square and figuratively flogged for their independent thinking.

For the left, a celebrity taking the red pill is a grave sin. The culture is supposed to belong to them, and any concession by cultural leaders, great or small, must result in consequences lest the right gets a foothold and brings its ideas into the carefully controlled narrative creation center that is pop culture.

If I was a celebrity, this would bother me immensely. Those on the progressive left who engage in this kind of cultural policing are essentially telling human beings that they’re owned by a certain ideology and breaking the rules of said ideological standpoint will result in punishments. This can make one feel awfully claustrophobic, and even scared to move, seeing as how these rules change by the hour. The mob is that fickle and very easy to move into wrathfulness.

If I was a movie star then I’d not keep my status long. I’d be blacklisted the first moment someone tried to pen me in…or would I?

Nowadays, it appears that more and more celebrities are pushing back against the mob and the left. Some are openly touting their right-leaning, God-fearing, America loving positions. While I would deem to say that this rebellion is still in its infancy, it seems to quickly be gaining steam. Even if the actor isn’t right-leaning perse, the backlash against these cultural despots is growing.

If it wasn’t, Ricky Gervais wouldn’t have been so defiantly truthful on the Golden Globes stage.

I hope more people follow his lead. There are cultural prisoners in Hollywood waiting to be able to say what they really think and openly support someone, even if it’s unpopular to do so…like Trump. It used to be that Hollywood would blacklist anyone who remotely showed any kind of right-leaning thought. They still try to do that. You’ll recall not long ago that Debra Messing and Eric McCormack tried to push The Hollywood Reporter into recording the names of those attending a Trump fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

But it’s clear that these celebrity fascists are losing their grip on the culture, and something is happening. Sooner than later, the Hollywood captives will be set free, and every time the left rages against a celebrity showing common civility toward someone on the right or overreacts when one isn’t woke enough, the closer that day comes.


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