Democrats sure are depressed over having to impeach Trump. In fact, their so depressed and sad over it that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to silence them once the motion was passed so that some clapping and celebrating would immediately stop.


You’ve might have already seen the moment yourself on Twitter or Facebook. The gavel comes down and clapping and whooping starts from the Democrat side of the house, only to have Pelosi give the death stare and make a swiping motion that immediately silences them.

Democrats have been making this whole impeachment process sound like a thing they really didn’t want to do…

…but have only been chomping at the bit to do it. Despite what some Democrats have asserted, some literally ran on the idea that they’re going to Washington to impeach Trump.

Like Maxine Waters who literally said, “I’m not running for anything except the impeachment of Trump.”


And of course, Rashida Tlaib, who said…

For what crime they never specify, but it’s the Democrats. They don’t need a reason beyond “because.”

But hey, it’s a “somber” moment. So somber that Tlaib couldn’t wipe the widest grin in human history off of her face.

Schiff and the Democrats of the intelligence committee were seen celebrating with a nice fancy dinner with drinks that night.

It’s clear that the Democrats were beyond pleased. If you need any real proof, check out how their media was celebrating.


So somber. So sad.

The thing is, we didn’t need these reactions to know that the Democrats were overjoyed. We didn’t have to see them break out the bubbly during dinner, or have to be silenced like children from making too much noise. They wanted this. They wanted it so bad that they’ve wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, and have dedicated undo amounts of time to it since his very election.

By their own admission, impeachment has been a reoccurring thing.

And for what? No crime committed. No damning witness testimony. Nothing. They just didn’t like him.

The good news is that the American people seem to see through that very easily. As of the last poll numbers, 51 percent of the American people were against impeachment and Trump’s approval numbers are up six points.

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Watching Republican reactions, you’d have thought Christmas had just come early. From politicians on the television to Conservatives on Twitter, the mood is that this is the best thing that could have happened.


Nobody in this nation is #somber. Everyone feels like they have something to celebrate. However, some people’s joy is more misplaced than others. The Democrats may think they’ve done something slick, but wait.

When voters who wanted impeachment find out that the impeachment doesn’t mean ousting, you can bet there’s going to be anger that Democrats didn’t go far enough. Democrat approval numbers will drop as Trump’s only surge forward as the people become even further disillusioned with Democrats.

They aren’t somber yet, but when Trump and Republicans sweep 2020 after this sham, then you’ll really see somber.


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