Tulsi Gabbard Deserves Credit, but She Can't Claim Kamala Harris's Scalp

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

I think we can all agree that the moment Kamala Harris’s campaign began going downhill was when Tusli Gabbard pulled back the veil on who Harris really was.

What’s more, Harris’s comeback wasn’t a comeback at all, and instead of defending herself she bragged about the fact that she was more popular than Gabbard.

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It didn’t sit well with anyone watching, and now Gabbard is still in the race while Harris is now a recent dropout. As it turns out, your popularity is no shield against your past. If Harris was paying attention to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016, she would have learned that.

Like Harris, Clinton also had a multitude of skeletons in her closet, and despite the fact that Clinton had every part of the media cheering her on, from journalists to celebrities, from cable news to newspapers, Clinton still fell to Donald Trump.

Kamala, while popular, didn’t have half the leftist machine helping her out that Clinton did. The media’s attention was split between various candidates. Harris didn’t stand a chance.

But while I’d like to say that Gabbard was the one who struck the fatal blow that eventually caused Harris to bleed out, I’m not sure I can actually give her that credit. The reason Harris continued to bleed in the first place goes a bit deeper than that.

The moment where it really started going downhill for Harris, at least to me, wasn’t necessarily when her past came out. Don’t get me wrong. It was horrid that Harris imprisoned people for longer than they should have in order to get cheap labor for the state and targeted the black community when she did it. That’s a sin that counted against her enormously, even to the point where the black community had pretty much abandoned her.

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But I theorize that it really started happening when Harris didn’t seem to think she needed to defend herself. She had nothing prepared to explain her actions or even try to spin them. It’s almost like she thought she was going to surf by on the fact that she was the left’s flavor of the elections.

And why wouldn’t she think that? According to the loudest parts of the left, she was the defacto favorite because she had all the identity qualifications. She was a black woman running against what was mainly a lot of white men. Her comeback to Gabbard gave off the impression that she didn’t really need to think up anything to defend herself because the left would take care of her defense for her.

Only they didn’t. Between the horrible way she handled the outing of her past and the fact that she didn’t seem to know where she stood on any given issue, the left abandoned her in droves. She severely overestimated the number of people who make up the hard-left and as a result, watched as they walked away from her and toward people like Joe Biden.

The truth is, Harris was a flavor that had already been tried by the DNC before and it’s wasn’t liked in 2016. It left a bad taste in too many mouths.

It was the taste of elitist entitlement.

It was clear that Harris thought herself above everyone else and that the 2020 race belonged to her. She thought her place on the throne was secured because of the social winds that were blowing her way. The truth is, those social winds are just a lot of hot air coming from very loud social justice mobs that are actually much smaller than people think. Despite what the party has become in terms of its leadership and spokespeople, most Democrat voters are still relatively moderate, hard-working people who like to earn their living.

Harris sounded nothing like them. They couldn’t relate to her. She was fake, and she didn’t seem to care that she was fake. That gives off the strong impression that she’s not here for them, she’s here for her.

And with that, Harris’s support dried up and now she’s gone from the 2020 race.

Gabbard may have kicked the first domino but Harris did nothing to stop them tumbling down.


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