Here's Video of Joy Behar Admitting She Did Blackface After Denying It When Trump Jr. Called Her Out


The set of The View was a few seconds away from becoming the stage of the latest Jerry Springer episode when Donald Trump Jr. sat down with the co-hostesses to discuss a bevy of topics.


One of the topics the ladies wanted to talk about, despite the fact that it’s been talked about ad nauseum, is the behavior of President Donald Trump. They couldn’t wait to rehash all the old claims of sexism and misogyny to his son, whom they believed probably didn’t have a very good defense lined up.

Only he did. He really, really did.

In the clip, host Whoopie Goldberg is busy laying into Trump Jr. when he retorts that his father has had it harder than any other president in American history with the media. Goldberg tags in Behar who began listing off Trump’s sins, including his comments about Mexican rapists, making fun of the handicapped, and the infamous “grab them by the p***y” moment.

Behar, the same woman who called Meghan Kelly a b**ch and suggested pro-life senators get forced vasectomies on live television, complained that Trump was lowering the discourse of this country.

“We’ve all done things that we regret,” began Jr. “If we’re talking about bringing the discourse down — Joy, you’ve worn blackface.”

Behar immediately denied that she ever did that.

“No, I haven’t! I did not!” said Behar.

Trump went on to talk about Goldberg’s defense of Polanski when she said that the rapes he committed weren’t “rape-rape.”


As you can imagine, this didn’t sit well, and the room devolved into shouting and Whoopie eventually had to quiet the room with a bell so they could cut to commercial.

While denials and defenses were made, nothing that Trump Jr. said was false. Goldberg did indeed say that Polanski’s rape wasn’t really rape, and what’s more, Behar did do blackface.

We know that because Behar herself admitted it…on The View.

Below is the clip of Behar describing how she wore darker than usual makeup when she attended a party as a “beautiful African woman.”

So there you have it. Behar wants to talk about how Trump is lowering discourse, yet this woman is just as guilty — if not more so — of committing every sin she’s getting holier-than-thou over.


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