Dana Loesch Perfectly Highlights the Absurd Hypocrisy of Leftist Outrage Over "Lynching" Term

You’ll never find stationary goalposts in a Democrat end zone. They’ll always have a reason why they can be outraged beyond rationality at something Republicans did, but if they do the same, or worse, they’re more than justified.


This can apply to anything from simple words to overt violence. It’s why a meme video featuring President Donald Trump blasting his opponents in Washington and the media is a step too far, but displaying Trump’s severed head and assassinating him on stage is completely acceptable.

It’s an unmissable double-standard.

Radio show host Dana Loesch explained this observation perfectly while speaking to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on his show Tuesday.

Tucker noted that the left has a habit of labeling innocent Americans as some of the worst things possible while clutching pearls the moment someone uses a word or phrase that the left considers horrible…even if they use that language themselves. Dana agreed.

“These are the same lawmakers that have been calling innocent law-abiding Americans, referring to them as quote, ‘domestic security threats and terrorists,’” said Loesch. “So I think they kind of need to look in the mirror a little bit if they want to start being the rhetoric police.”

“Yeah, that ‘lynching’ is just noise,” replied Tucker. “But I think you’re absolutely right. So just to be clear, they are calling Americans who committed no crime, who pose no threat, who merely want to exercise their constitutional right, a terrorist? But what you do to terrorists?”


“Yeah, exactly and that’s the whole point. What do you do to terrorists?” Loesch asked.

Loesch went on to compare the way Democrats tend to treat regular, law-abiding Americans with contempt while treating actual criminals with kid gloves. She explained that people like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) will go out of their way to give violent felons and actual terrorists voting rights while simultaneously insulting regular Americans.

“These same lawmakers who are referring to innocent people as terrorists and security threats because we disagree with them on the Second Amendment, are also the same lawmakers that want to implement the red flag system and they want you to trust their judgment while they are simultaneously smearing people with these awful terms,” she added.

Dana answered her own rhetorical question about what we do to terrorists, but I want to also make the point plain as day. There’s a difference between what America does with terrorists and what Democrats do with terrorists.

Americans either kill or capture terrorists and hold them in prison indefinitely. Democrats seek to give them rights and treat them with more respect than they do your average American citizen. They want to let the Boston Bomber vote for who is in control but don’t want you to have a say on whether or not you can keep your gun.


It’s difficult to take the “outrage” from Democrats about the usage of words like “lynching” seriously when they throw terms around that make innocent, law-abiding Americans sound like a monster while giving actual monsters a helping hand. The hypocrisy is on full display, no matter how much they try to rig the game.


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