Democrats Raised $5 Million for Trump in Just 24 Hours Thanks to Their Impeachment Threat

It's The Economy Stupid

While it’s likely that the Democrat’s impeachment efforts won’t amount to much besides trouble for Joe Biden, the one thing is doing is filling President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign coffers faster than a scotch glass in a tidal wave.


According to Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, in the 24 hours since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Democrats would go forward with impeachment proceedings, the GOP has raised $5 million dollars from donors in all 50 states. What’s more, Parscale says that these are only small-dollar donations, not large scale.

Trump and the GOP were pretty much ready to fundraise off the impeachment efforts immediately, and within the first day alone they had already accumulated $1 million. It would appear, however, that donation train was just picking up steam.

Next thing you know, the Trump campaign is rolling around in cash.

This shouldn’t be surprising, given a few factors. Not only are Trump’s approval numbers climbing, polls have also shown that the majority of Americans do not support impeachment at 57 percent.

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So far, the only 2020 candidate who seemingly gets that this is more damaging than helpful is Tulsi Gabbard, who told The Hill that it’s not up to Democrat lawmakers as to whether or not Trump should leave office, it’s up to the people.

Add this to the myriad of bad signs for Democrats, not just in terms of their impeachment efforts but also in terms of their success in 2020. They are continuously ignoring the signs and making their campaigns centered around hatred for Trump instead of the American people.

This, in turn, reveals that their faith in the party’s success in 2020 is massively low and that getting Trump out through other means is their only way to power.


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