Flyers Stating "Islam Is Right About Women" Causes Media to Have a Narrative Crisis

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Islam isn’t particularly known for its fairness to women. In fact, it’s well known to be a society that treats them a second class and below, forbidding them to learn basic things such as reading and math. They’re used more like servants and breeding stock in many Islam dominated countries and are punished severely for violating any of the strict Sharia laws set for them.


This is a fact that is typically overlooked by a lot of the left, especially feminists. When it comes to Islam’s treatment of women, you’ll find many a blind eye among the social justice warriors who often go so far as to defend Islam as the “religion of peace” the left claims it is.

So when flyers began going up around Winchester, Massachusetts, that stated “Islam is right about women,” the outrage was present, but nobody wanted to say why.

According to WHDH-TV a woman discovered the flyers around the town and became “fearful.” She immediately took them down where she found them and alerted police, who then found five more around the town. Most interestingly is how the report was framed:

Anita Davison told 7NEWS that she was walking her child to school on Wednesday when saw the concerning flyers struck to street signs near the town’s center.

Davison says she was alarmed by the sight of the flyers and immediately ripped them down.

“Political climate at the moment, and all the things happening around the world, it just puts a little fear in you,” she said.

After Davison brought two flyers to the Winchester Police Department, officers went out and found eight more, including one that was posted outside of an elementary school.

Some residents say they think the signs refer to strict laws applied to women.


“Some residents say they think,” says the report.

The police of Winchester even called the flyers “not of a threatening nature,” which, if you’re a woman, would likely be a statement you’d disagree with. I also found it interesting that the station decided to include that little factoid.

The entire reason this is a story in the first place is that everyone knows exactly what the message entails and that the fear it inspires in women is legitimate. Even so, the media doesn’t want to go into these strict laws or where they originate from despite the subject being right in the flyer they’re reporting on.

It’s unclear if an Islamic faithful posted these, or if it’s a clever attempt at someone forcing people to face an inconvenient reality. Either way, the conversation is worth having.

What’s more, it’s worth honestly reporting about.


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