The Normalization of Pedophilia is Underway, and a California University Is Already Trying to Push It On Students

The social justice left has been trying to normalize pedophilia for some time.

Articles would appear in places like, which were then quietly unpublished a couple of years later. However, the BBC then picked up the torch by trying to soften people’s look at pedophiles. Not long ago, the sexualization of children continued with the push for child drag queens in a video that sexualized young boys. Young boys in drag would go on to appear in photos next to naked men, which were openly passed around Twitter with zero reaction from the network.


I could go on, but you get the idea. The sexualization of children is well underway, and now they’re trying to teach it in colleges.

According to a tweet by Alex Mazzara, a student in San Diego, the topic of pedophilia as a sexual orientation was being brought up. According to Mazzara, his class began discussing this as a topic after they were put through watching an eight-minute video from Vice News that featured a “showcasing” of “self-identified pedophiles.”

“An actual topic we discussed in class today at a State University after watching an 8 minute Vice News video showcasing self identified pedophiles. This is going to be mainstreamed,” tweeted Mazzara.

Mazzara went on to say how some of the students described pedophilia in class.

“Some people agreed that it was a sexual orientation because they “were born that way and can’t help it” others disagreed only because they feared that labeling pedophilia a sexual orientation would harm gays and lesbians because they would then be on the same level,” he responded.

Mazzara also tweeted that his tweet attracted the anger of a lot of pedophiles, who had been dominating his mentions since the tweet went out.

“I’ve had out and proud pedophiles in my mentions for 2 days now. There are entire communities of these people who promote their filth publicly. Sadly I’d predict this is going mainstream in the next 10 years,” said Mazzara.


The frightening thing is that I predict the same. With the mainstream media and colleges now attempting to push pedophilia as a “sexual orientation,” I imagine it won’t be long until people begin to openly declare themselves pedophiles and their community becomes defended as part of the LGBT community.

What is being overlooked is that our children will become more in danger than they ever were. Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation, it’s a predatory sickness. Normalizing it is to normalize rape and abuse.

While I do think pedophilia is evil, those who are pedophiles need to be studied and profiled in the same way we did with serial killers. They’re definitely sick, and their desires need to be treated as a sickness, not just another sexual preference.


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