Student Searched by School After Posting a Four-Year-Old Picture of Himself With a Gun Under Adult Supervision

People are jumpy about firearms, especially around students. People can’t be blamed as there are a lot of reasons to be jumpy. Schools being shot up has become something America is infamous for thanks in part to a media that frenzies around shootings and glorifies the shooter with all the attention they could ever want…if that shooter falls in line with a narrative they’re trying to push.


This has caused people to become frightened whenever, and if ever a student shows him or herself with firearms.

Recently, a student at the Iola ISD in Texas posted a four-year-old photo of himself on Facebook that showed him with a firearm under adult supervision. The student put the word “school” with the photo, prompting a couple of students to report him to authorities.

“It was a young student, had a handgun in the picture and part of the wording on the picture it had the word “school” in it. So we take that stuff very seriously here. As we investigated we found out the picture was a four-year-old picture,” said Scott Martindale, Iola ISD Superintendent according to KBTX-TV.

The student was then searched upon arriving at school, but no firearm was found.

“It took us five minutes to handle this situation and handle it appropriately,” said Martindale.

“It was before school started. We had two younger students report something to our elementary principal. By 7:55 the elementary principal tracked that student down that had the posting,” he added.


The school, in my opinion, handled the situation just fine with the exception of the fact that they now plan to discipline him according to district policy. Why he needs to be punished for a private Facebook post is something that everyone should take issue with, as non-threatening Facebook posts should not fall under the category of judgment by an educational body. They are not the parent and if happening off school grounds then they should leave any disciplinary measures to the parents with no exceptions.

What’s more, what isn’t discussed is the student’s meaning of the word “school.” KBTX and those interviewed say that the student was referencing “his school,” but it’s not made clear if he was actually talking about his school. No one seems to have asked if he meant that his education with firearms under the supervision of the adults around him was “school” for him. That learning how to use a firearm at that age was part of his familial education.

The American educational system has reached its hand out of bounds a little too often, and are even interfering with the lives of students for things they do outside of its walls. For instance, a boy was recently banned from a school after video of he and his mother firing legal guns on a range surfaced. The school had police investigate the student and after a short conversation with him and his mother, found there was no reason for alarm.


Still, the school kept the ban on the student and forced the mother to prove her son’s innocence against a board of seven school officials.

(h/t: The Daily Wire)




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