"I Don't Got My F***ing Gun": Man Posts to Instagram Inside El Paso Walmart During Shooting


During the El Paso shooting that took place in a Walmart last weekend that left 22 dead, one man who was there at the moment of the shootings posted Instagram stories wishing he had his gun.


The Instagram user “al24fit,” a black man who looks to be in his 20’s, can be seen walking around the Walmart with the camera pointed at himself. You can hear the gunshots going off in the background as it happens.

“This is f***ing crazy,” said the man as he walks through the store. “I don’t got my f***ing gun.”

The man said that the shooter was carrying an AK and somebody had gotten shot. Afterward, you can see people who had been shot being carted around in grocery carts and wheeled platforms.

As the footage continues, the man is seen at his home later lamenting the fact that he didn’t have his gun on him at the time.

“Tragedy, man. I just wish I had my firearm on me at the time. That was my mistake that I regret,” the man said into the camera.

You can watch the footage here as, at this time, I can find no way to embed the video onto the page itself. Be aware of a language warning.

It is sad to think that this man in the video could have stopped the mass murder that happened that day if he had been armed when he walked into the store. This man says in his stories that he later walked into a different store, this time with his gun on him just to be sure.


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