Football Legend John Elway Liked Trump Tweet About Fake News, and the Media Jumped Into Action

(AP Photo/Darron Cummings, File)

Denver Broncos legend John Elway is a fan of President Donald Trump. It shouldn’t be that big of a scandal, but in this day and age, any kindness towards Trump is a grave public sin that becomes the focus of some journalist’s time.


It’s not lost on me that it’s reluctantly become the focus of some of mine too.

In any case, Denver journalists saw that Elway had liked Trump’s tweet about “fake news” and before you know it, an “investigation” was started.

Why is this significant you may ask?

The only reason they would want to investigate Elway liking a Trump tweet about the media pushing “fake news” is because, as I wrote above, liking Trump is a sin. It’s a super-de-duper sin to agree with him about the media’s push of false narratives and outright lies being a problem.

My educated guess is that highlighting Elway’s liking of a tweet may encourage a mob to gather and punish the football legend for daring to step out of line. It is, after all, something that seems to happen quite a bit. Look at what they did to Mario Lopez for simply suggesting that it shouldn’t be left up to a three-year-old child to make life-altering decisions about their bodies.


I shouldn’t have to write this, but people should be free to have their own opinions without having to answer to the public tribunal every single time they express it. The left, however, keeps such a tight watch on anyone stepping out of line, you’d think we lived in a digital version of east Germany. Step one foot out of bounds and you’ll be made to regret it. The media and the social media overlords have deemed it so.

Elway owes no explanation and shouldn’t give one if the question ever reaches him. Trump’s tweet is self-explanatory enough, but even outside of that, who cares? Elway doesn’t respect a media that loves itself enough for everyone, and Elway’s not alone. No one is arriving at the idea that the media is bad because Trump said so, people have disliked it for ages.

They constantly give us reason to dislike it even more by the day by doing ridiculous things like pearl-clutching over one mass shooting while ignoring others, pushing Democrat talking points, and investigating football stars’ liked tweets.

This is a non-story that is a story because the media made it one, not Elway.


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