Atlanta Police Now Getting Soaked with Water as Disrespectful Trend Spreads Out of New York

It was inevitable. The moment clips of police getting soaked with water and having no ability to do anything about it went viral is the moment it would begin to form itself into a trend. Sure enough, it has.


A new video is now being circulated on the internet that shows a minority community soaking a police officer with water. The officer tries to get back into his unit, but some of the people block him from being able to close the door, pouring water into his car. Someone off-camera even appears to rip the door out of the officer’s grip. The officer quickly gets out threateningly, scattering a few black males, allowing him to finally close his car door and escape the deluge.

This disrespectful trend originated in New York, where footage was released of a couple of incidents involving officers being soaked by people in minority communities and being unable to respond in any way.

This active and open contempt of police has been something of a trend overall lately. During DC’s Pride Parade, many minorities surrounding a police car and began twerking and dancing on it while others cheered and screamed.


Rest assured that if this kind of thing continues without the police having the ability to respond, things will only get worse. Today it’s water, tomorrow it might be something more malicious like urine or bleach. The politicians, safe in their offices, put police officers in the field in real danger when they prevent them from being able to act. It only emboldens those who have a grudge against them.

The saddest part is that this further drives a wedge between the police and the community. Officers will be far more distrustful of the residents there, and in turn, the residents will only deepen their hatred of the police thanks to the fact that the police aren’t as friendly. Innocent people who call police for help will find that officers are far more forceful and likely arrive in larger numbers out of safety concerns.

There is definitely a divide between police and the black community in many places across the country, but this will not heal it in any way.


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