YouTube Engineer Stabs, Punches, and Runs Over Innocent People During Drug Fueled Rampage


YouTube not only makes crazy decisions, it also staffs crazy people, at least offering us some explanation as to the unmitigated disaster that it’s swiftly becoming.


According to KTVU, 32-year-old Betai Koffi celebrated the Fourth of July with friends by taking seven times the amount of acid his compatriots did. This sent him on a rampage that ended up injuring eight people, including four of his friends. Luckily — and I’m not using that word lightly — no one died despite the use of deadly weapons, including Koffi who was shot three times by police.

For his actions, Koffi now faces six felonies, including carjacking, multiple assaults, and two counts of attempted murder. The story of how he accumulated these charges in the course of a night is nearly unbelievable:

He punched, stabbed, and choked his friends when they tried to calm him down, and keep him inside the rental.

Determined to leave, he crashed his rental car into the garage, and took off on foot.

He encountered a security guard who patrols the subdivision, and attacked him.

“He picks up a landscape light, yanks it out of the ground, and stabs the security guard with the pointed metal end of it,” described Sgt. Crum, “and knocked the security guard down.”

Koffi took off in the guard’s pickup truck and mowed down a couple walking along the street.

Then he drove onto a bluff, aiming for another couple, who dove out of his way, but a second woman was hit.


The incident stopped when officers arrived on scene and fired on Koffi with their sidearms:

The bizarre incident ended swiftly, once a Sheriff’s deputy and CHP officer arrived.

By that time, Koffi had driven through a private yard, hit a wall, and continued back onto the road.

When he saw the law enforcement vehicles, he drove straight toward them, and the deputy who was out of his car, began firing.

Koffi continued accelerating and rammed the CHP cruiser, amid the gunshots.

He was hit at least three times through the windshield and airlifted to the hospital, along with the first woman he ran over.

KTVU reported that the shooting is currently under investigation, which is standard procedure. The station also reported that we may get the body camera footage of the incident in the near future.

It’s a miracle that everyone survived the encounter, and thankfully no one’s life was irreparably damaged by Koffi.

Let’s hope we don’t see what YouTube’s algorithm would look like if it were a person any time in the future.


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