BuzzFeed Is Attempting to Destroy a 14-Year-Old Girl Because She Hurt Their Feelings

Soph is a 14-year-old girl on YouTube who is foul-mouthed, crude, and often disturbingly correct. She’s like a walking talking episode of South Park. This combination of being this young and bearing wisdom usually reserved for people three times her age has made her extremely popular. She currently sits at 860k subscribers on YouTube.


What’s more, she’s unabashedly right-leaning, and that’s a problem for the left. Specifically the hard-leftist media mecca of BuzzFeed.

Publishing an article called YouTube’s Newest Far-Right, Foul-Mouthed, Red-Pilling Star Is A 14-Year-Old GirlBuzzFeed’s Joseph Berstein launches after Soph with all the venom and rage saved for figures like Mike Pence.

The focus of Bernstein’s anger with Soph revolves around a video she posted titled “Be Not Afraid,” wherein she donned a burka and proceeded to highlight the absurdities of Islam, the mainstream media, social justice warriors and more with all the subtlety and grace of a freight train plowing through a warehouse filled with porcelain.

I would love to post the video for you, but during the course of writing this article YouTube has taken the video down for “violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech.”

Bernstein spent much of the article not only misunderstanding Gen Z humor but also attempting to paint Soph as an oncoming Hitler. Outside of trying to demolish this 14-year-old girl, however, he went after YouTube brass for allowing someone like her to exist on their platform in the first place.

It worked, and YouTube launched into action by striking Soph’s channel and taking away her ability to upload for a week. They’ve also now taken down her “Be Not Afraid” video as stated above.

As highlighted by Summit News, this action by BuzzFeed and YouTube caused a bit of a backlash.


As I said during Facebook’s ban of figures like Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, et al, whether you approve of Soph’s crudeness, dark humor, and extreme lack of political correctness or not, her being attacked and subsequently deplatformed for her views is wrong. Soph is popular and her unfriendliness to the PC police and their arbitrary rules makes her a liability. For the left, she had to go.

Bernstein took the approach that most leftists do. It starts by painting the target as the second-coming of Hitler, it highlights out of context phrases or misunderstood or politically incorrect humor (a constant thing in the age of the un-PC Gen Z) and then directs the mob to both the subject and whatever platform the subject is using.

Deplatforming is bad enough, but I can remember the constant rending of cloth and gnashing of teeth over the Parkland kids who led the gun control march after their fateful school shooting. Of course, this flew out the window when the Covington Catholic kids were the center of attention, and the left was openly making death threats that seemed to go unnoticed by the social media overlords.


Now, Bernstein and BuzzFeed are doing everything they can to see to it that a 14-year-old’s life is ruined, including highlighting the fact that she gets angry when the left tries to bring her parents into it. To be clear, that’s not a sign that her parents don’t know what she’s doing. It’s just someone getting mad when you’re trying to sic the mob on their family for something you did.

It made Tucker Carlson pretty mad when Antifa went after his family too.

Soph can be debated, and should. Everyone should be debated. However, that’s not BuzzFeed and the left’s goal. The goal is to make Soph a nonentity, and a digital mute. It’s to make her one more empty space in the in-progress echo chamber the left is trying to establish online.

It’s to make her a ghost.

One further thing we can take away from this, however, is that the left is afraid of a 14-year-old girl.


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