The Quietly Sinking Ship of the Leftist Media

I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t know that left-leaning media is currently dying a very slow death. Nobody wants to talk about how badly they’re failing. It doesn’t inspire much confidence, and to boot, the political aspect of its failure would run contrary to the “everybody is on our side” narrative that the left likes to tout.


The truth of the matter is that in almost everywhere you look, left-leaning media from print to screen is finding itself sinking like it’s in quicksand.

CNN is one one of the best examples, as it is currently experiencing viewership at a four year low with April as its worst month on record. As I’ve previously reported, CNN has lost more than 25 percent of its primetime audience. None of its programs are cracking the top 25 in cable news shows, and its primetime lineup can’t even surpass a million viewers.

If fact, you’re more likely to run into someone who practices witchcraft or paganism than you are to run into a CNN viewer.

Like CNN, MSNBC also took a hit after the release of the Mueller report, which cleared Trump of every charge the left has been throwing at him since his presidency began. Now, the two leftist networks can’t equal out to the prime time of right-leaning Fox News combined.

Over in the digital sector, Buzzfeed’s left-leaning news arm was considered a “drag” on the site and was forced to lay of 15 percent of its workforce (around 250 jobs) after it failed to meet revenue targets. Huffington Post is suffering a similar fate as it had to cut an entire swath if its website off along with everyone who worked. That part of the website that had to go was the ultra-leftist “HuffPo Opinions.” Vice also had to undergo layoffs.

The social justice laden Gizmodo Media Group are also feeling the sting of defeat. Univision had bought the property that includes gaming site Kotaku, and after two years, Univision already sold it off to Great Hill Partners.



There’s no telling how bad it’s going to get from here on, but there’s definitely a demoralization problem amongst the leftist media. When it comes to navigating the digital wild west, a plethora of things factor into a sites failure. Social media sites and search engines are the primary way we see news, and they’re changing up their algorithms and methods at absurd speeds. Advertising works differently from day to day, and what’s popular now may have a shelf life of five minutes.

All that considered, it can’t be overlooked that the primary sufferers of these setbacks are left-leaning rags.

We can surmise why by looking at the way other industries have suffered. As places like the ESPNDick’s Sporting Goods, the NFL, and Gillette proceeded to get more “woke,” they found themselves becoming more broke. Being a radical leftist is just bad for business, but the radical left is accepting nothing but absolute fealty. It was only a matter of time before the news outlets that would create and foster this radical leftist outrage became infected by its own nonsense.

Leftist sites that bear this radical social justice and identitarian messages became boring to read. They made it a point to find outrage in anything and everything, even by their own admission.

Former social justice leader and game critic Anita Sarkeesian once said:

“Yeah, absolutely. I sort of joke about how it was the most liberating thing that ever happen to me and also the most frustrating for everyone around me, because like when you start learning about systems everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic and you have to point it all out to everyone all the time, so there is a good year of my life. There is a good year in my life where it was just most obnoxious person to be around. And then you settle into it, you start to understand like oh people they can living within the systems and it was just sort of liberating movement for me and you learn how to pick and choose your battles and that sort of thing.”


Reading any number of leftist sites will give you a taste of her meaning. Yesterday I covered how MTV News called Avengers: Endgame an “ableist” movie because of its three-hour runtime. One HuffPo writer told people they had to choose between Chick-fil-A and being an ally to the LGBT community.

Miserable people are miserable to be around, and while misery loves company, no one really likes misery.

Beyond that, they continue to take the wrong side in every fight. The Hill ran defense for “this won’t be a country of white people” Rep. Ilhan Omar after conservatives were angry over her defense of terrorists. CNN can’t stop defending domestic terrorist group, Antifa.

The leftist mainstream media is the definite bad guy in this situation. While there are definitely examples of bad guys existing in the right-leaning media, even the most bombastic of them don’t hold a candle to the left. The left actually calls for racism and sexism to thrive. It encourages bigotry and attempts to normalize the sexualization of children, be it attempting to push transgenderism or pedophilia.

This is, at least in my opinion, why I think the mainstream media is taking on more water than it can bail out. It had a long-running monologue going, but despite its best efforts, it’s now faced with having a dialogue with its political opposites.

It may front like its the lead source for all things information, but the mainstream left is in trouble. Its message is floundering, and its sites and channels are becoming ghost towns. It’s a very slow, very quiet death, but it is dying.


And good riddance.


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