WATCH: Tom Arnold Has Lost It, Goes on Bizarre Tirade Over Trump

Holywood star(?) Tom Arnold is apparently so angry that President Donald Trump is a thing that it has made the guy anti-semitic as well as homophobic.

In what looks to be an impromptu interview by some random people on the sidewalk, Arnold was asked if he would be “cool with endorsing a white person or someone more intersectional.”


Arnold asked if this scenario was against Trump and then dropped a really crazy declaration.

“I would vote for a f***ing Nazi against Trump,” said Arnold.

Arnold explained that Trump is the “head Nazi” and “the worst person he ever met,” and “the worst president we’ve ever had.”

Arnold added that Trump is a “coward,” a “traitor,” and “doesn’t stand up for this country.” He’s also a “white supremacist,” according to the actor.

After some more choice words about Trump being a racist and the border wall proving it, Arnold yelled that Trump is “sucking Putin’s d**k every day” as well.

Watch below, but clearly, the guy uses a lot of choice words that your grandmother wouldn’t appreciate.

Arnold is known for his over-the-top hatred of Trump. At one point it was so bad that he challenged Trump to a fight.


This resulted in a visit to Arnold by the Secret Service who encouraged him not to do these kinds of things anymore.

I’m beginning to think that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing, and Arnold’s word salad and random outbursts are just one more drop in the bucket that there’s some kind of shared madness on the left. While Arnold isn’t likely to vote for a literal Nazi over Trump, the left does support plenty of horrific things in lieu of Nazism.

Take, for instance, its support for Antifa and its defense of Hamas.


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