Police All Over Texas Engage In Hilarious "Back the Bluebonnet" Challenge

(Permission to Use Photo Granted by Irving Police Dept.)

Texas has the best state flower, hands down. The bluebonnet incredibly unique, and when its season hits, you can find Texans in their Sunday best, kneeling down in fields surrounded by them as they have their pictures taken.


In fact, throughout bluebonnet season you’ll oftentimes find cars parked on the sides of major highways if there is a strong enough concentration of bluebonnets nearby.

This year, it would appear that various police departments are getting in on the game.

Police all around Texas have decided that they were going to post pictures of themselves doing the poses they’ve often seen citizens doing on the sides of the road, or in pictures, and the results have so far been hilarious. The challenge has been labeled the “#BackTheBlueBonnet” challenge.

Most of them are men striking the same poses as little girls, or women while they’re in their uniforms, and even some K-9 officers took part in it.




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