Trump's Approval Ratings for Economy, North Korea, and More are Soaring

A new Gallup poll on Tuesday delivered some good news for President Donald Trump as his approval numbers for his handling various issues are up, especially his handling of the economy which has now reached all-time highs.


According to Gallup, the poll showed that a majority of Americans not only approve the economy and unemployment, but his handling of North Korea numbers as well:

President Donald Trump’s rating for handling the economy, 56%, is the highest of his presidency and the highest of his approval ratings on any of 14 domestic and foreign issues tested in the latest Gallup poll. Americans’ approval of his handling of unemployment is nearly as high, at 54%. At the same time, his overall 43% job approval rating is essentially unchanged since earlier in February but appears to be stabilizing at a higher level than it had been in late 2018 and early 2019.

Despite these numbers being up, his overall approval still sits at 43 percent according to Gallup.

Partisan politics still plays a huge roll in how people feel about how Trump is doing. Republicans vastly approve of Trump’s handling of everything with a 90 percent approval rating, and the lowest rating is given to how he handled the situation in Syria, but even that only goes as low as 71 percent.


Meanwhile, Democrats don’t seem to approve of anything Trump does, with his overall approval at six percent. However, their approval spikes to 21 percent when speaking about his unemployment numbers.

How these numbers may shift as we get closer to 2020 is anyone’s guess, but with such high approval numbers in the economy, it takes a massive Democratic talking point off the board, which could hurt them with working-class voters.



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