"At Least It Started a Conversation" Is a Tired Way of Excusing Evil and Leftist Should Stop

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this happen, but someone on the left will do something that is bad natured, false, or just plain stupid and as whatever scheme they had going falls apart, someone in the media, a politician, or an activist who had been cheerleading that nonsense all along will stand up and say with sincerity and solemnity that “at least it started a conversation.”


It usually happens once a leftist goes social justice and pulls some kind of stunt in the name of self-aggrandizement and is subsequently caught. We’re currently awaiting the Jussie Smollett defenders to pick up the torch, but until then, here are a few examples.

Take Emma Sulkowicz, formerly of Columbia University, who lied about being raped. Seeing no evidence that it happened — and in fact, finding evidence to the contrary — Sulkowicz made herself into a public victim by carrying around the mattress she was supposedly raped on wherever she went. The story was, of course, false, but if you were to ask various media outlets and SJW circles, Sulkowicz “sparked an important conversation” or “began a dialogue” about rape on campus.

In 2016, three black women from the University at Albany claimed they were attacked by a bus full of white men who were yelling racist slurs at them. The University went into meltdown mode with protests and even garnered a condemnation by Hillary Clinton. Only it was all fake. In fact, the women were the aggressors. The excuse? “We needed her to get that conversation started, so it wasn’t a waste of time,” said one student.

Mari Poindexter, a gay Central Michigan University professor claimed a man at a Toby Keith concert called her a “cross-dressing fag” before punching her in the eye, which she later displayed to be blackened on social media along with her story. Naturally, it caused outrage throughout the nation.


The real story is that Poindexter punched herself in the eye, and court documents stated that she claimed to have done it “because she wanted to raise awareness about the social hardships of people in the LGBTQ+ community.”

After the UVA rape hoax was discovered to be a fake, social justice advocates like MTV immediately dismissed its falseness, stating that the destructive lie that hurt many innocent people “may have unintentionally started a conversation that’s bigger than the controversy itself.”

As night follows day, the “it started a conversation” excuse appears when the left’s back is against the wall and their position on the moral high ground is threatened. In order to maintain their position as the arbiters of all that is fair and good, they and their supporters will publicly pat themselves on the back for supposedly making people more aware of a problem that was hitherto unspoken.

The only problem is that these problems are oftentimes not the widespread problem they claim it is. During the height of the campus rape “conversation”, we got the “1 in 5 girls on campus will be sexually assaulted” figure. As TIME pointed out, this number is very misleading. The “racism” conversation we’re supposed to be having is up against the fact that America isn’t even racist as Greg Jones at The Federalist highlights in detail.


The “conversation” the left wants us to have is based on pure, sick fantasy. It’s “dialogue” where the subject of discussion is “everything the left claims is happening in our nation is true and you need to accept it.” It’s odd that every “dialogue” or “conversation” we’re supposed to have as a nation always includes the same set of people as the villains and the same groups as the victims.

Broken down, it’s not even a “conversation,” it’s a one-sided narrative. That’s what the left is proud of kicking up whenever their lie is exposed.

Translated, “at least it started a conversation” is some kind of real-world newspeak for “at least my lie permeated a false sense of reality and my narrative has gotten more footholes in the minds of the public.”


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