LOL! "Walls End Lives" Says Beto O'Rourke From Behind a Barrier

President Donald Trump has been touting the fact that a southern border wall would likely do a lot to save lives, and he has every reason to believe he’s correct.


Lessening the illegal trades, from drugs to sex, would do a lot to hurt these industries, but if you were to ask the left, erecting a barrier would be immoral.

Why? Because reasons, and you’re racist just for asking.

Failed Texas Senate candidate for the Democrats, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke takes the left’s stance a bit further and claims that walls END lives.

“We know that walls do not save lives; walls end lives,” shouted O’Rourke during his counter-rally to Trump’s during his visit to El Paso.

Why? Because reasons, and you’re racist just for asking.

Of course, if anyone understands how walls and barriers can keep one safe, it’s O’Rourke. During his appearance, O’Rourke stayed safe behind a barrier fence meant to keep out the riff-raff from the VIP section, while the peasantry was forced to touch him through the small spaces they could get their fingers through.


Hypocrisy, thy nickname is Spanish while thy real name is Francis.

O’Rourke isn’t the only leftist to push the idea that walls are evil while they themselves enjoy that kind of security. The Daily Caller’s series “Walls Across America” show us how famous members of the left live behind tall, impressive walls themselves, including George Soros and Chelsea Handler.


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