Trump Trolls CNN's Jim Acosta In Person After His Report Proved that Walls Do Indeed Work

Screenshot: YouTube

Trololo Trump.

After CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta more or less proved that walls do, in fact, keep places safe, President Donald Trump took the opportunity during an interaction with the press to troll Acosta.


It all started when Acosta went down to McAllen, Texas, ahead of Trump’s visit there to prove that there was no national emergency occurring at the border. However, Acosta decided to show the world that there was no crisis at the border exactly where there was a border wall in the form of steel slats that prevent entry and exit.

The relationship between Acosta and Trump is about as good as the relationship between Acosta and anybody, and Trump took a moment to jab at Acosta’s little slip using the “Dear Diary” meme people often use to make fun of the CNN correspondent.

During his interaction with the press later, however, Trump didn’t relent in his trolling and wanted to take a moment to thank Acosta in person for his help in selling the wall to the American people.


“Good job yesterday. I appreciate your salesmanship. I appreciate your salesmanship … Some people are dumb.”


Acosta just isn’t having the greatest time during the Trump administration. Just recently, he also received a massive blow to his ego when he was absolutely destroyed by Kellyanne Conway, who called him a “smart a**” and reminded him that he’s not at all popular among his peers after telling Conway that he didn’t have an alternative facts problem as she did.


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