WATCH: 2018's Social Justice Warrior Insanity Greatly Summarized In One Superb Video

Screenshot: Fleccas YouTube

Austen Fletcher, more popularly known by his YouTube persona of “Fleccas Talks,” has made a name for himself by showing up wherever a major protest or rally is happening in the name of social justice.


Name a major protest within the past few years, and Fleccas was probably there, interviewing attendees and trying to get out whatever information he can. Many flat-out refuse to speak to Fleccas, though the ones that do are often times left blubbering in defense of their own asininity.

The funny part is, Fleccas doesn’t say or do anything remarkable to get them to do this. He’s not out “owning” anybody. All he has to do is ask simple questions, and the social justice warriors will own themselves through their trademark brand of hypocrisy and ignorance.

In the course of Felccas’s attendance to protests and rallies, he’s been attacked both physically as well as verbally, but he always comes away with some great footage that shows you just how ridiculous the SJW crowd and hard left can get.

Thanks to Fleccas, we can now see some of the best moments of 2018, and by “best” I mean equally as sad as they are hilarious.


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