There's Good Reason to Believe the Viral Photo of Border Agents Gassing a Migrant Mother and Her Children Is Staged

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You’ve no doubt seen a photo making the rounds on both mainstream and social media of the woman holding her children as she attempts to flee canisters of gas fired at them by border agents.


The picture was taken at the Mexico-US border point at San Ysidro in Tijuana and features a mother attempting to flee teargas while dragging her half-naked children bodily by the arms in an attempt to escape. As you can imagine, the picture was immediately spread through every facet of information distribution you can imagine with stories all adding up to “Trump teargasses defenseless migrant women and kids.”

It was every mainstream outlet’s dream. A photo that fills onlookers with dread about an awful situation, and Trump’s administration at the center of it.

However, for some, the photo seemed far TOO perfect. Upon looking deeper into the photo, many people began seeing things that looked far too suspect. By the time they were done dissecting it, it appeared more like the photo was staged and less like it was a horrific occurrence of warlike conditions at the border where families are involved.


“Look at the high-resolution picture of the guys in the back holding each other for the photographer to make it look like they are running. They know how naive & foolish the liberal/Progressive/normal viewer brainwash gang is,” tweeted one user.

Sure enough, another user highlighted the oddities of the photo like they were searching for the secret objects in a Highlights magazine picture.

As you can see, the picture features a lot of people standing around doing nothing while those who do look as if they’re in mortal danger are doing so in front of cameras. It sure does make it seem as if there’s more acting going on than panic.


If that is the case, then the media bought a lie hook, line, and sinker in their rush to make the Trump administration look like the evil entity they’ve been claiming it is since he before he was even elected. This isn’t to say that border patrol agents didn’t fire the tear gas canisters in order to break up the crowd, but it’s definitely not the all-out assault the media would love for it to be.


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