Pro-Abortion Group's Creepy Ad Resurfaces, Causing Firestorm Among Pro-Lifers

Pro-abortion activists are well known for their ridiculous attempts at making abortion seem like not only a normal thing but even a societal good.

This requires one to adopt a mentality of characterizing something horrific as normalcy and causes pro-abortion activists to sometimes lose their sense of self-awareness, prompting them to say and do things that seem straight out of the realm of horror movies.


A 2015 ad released by The Agenda Project is a perfect example of this.

The ad features an unbelievably adorable baby cooing and smiling at a camera while a toy lullaby plays in the background. The footage is interrupted periodically with white words on a black background.

“She deserves to be loved,” say the words before going back to the baby.

“She deserves to be wanted,” it reads after cutting in again.

The footage of the happy baby continues on again before the screen fades to black and the final words of the ad pop up.

“She deserves to be a choice,” it reads lastly.

The ad then encourages you to “#StandWithPP” meaning the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, responsible for the deaths of more children than many wars combined.

The ad seemingly flew under the radar until recently when it was discovered by conservatives, including Kaya Jones, who believed the ad was new and tweeted the video out to her followers.

While the ad is not new, The Agenda Project is known for releasing ridiculous and over-the-top ads, sometimes to the point where you may wonder if the organization is a fake, and the ads are supposed to expose leftist extremism.


Sadly enough, it seems The Agenda Project is a very real organization, and its President Erik Altieri is a very serious person. Altieri appears frequently on Russia Today and speaks on everything from the GOP’s supposed failure in controlling the Zika virus to Planned Parenthood.

The Agenda Project’s ad may be old, but with the deadly seriousness of its positions and messaging, no matter how ridiculous, highlights how radical parts of the left have become in their positions.

Understand that the ad showed us an innocent child in all its splendor, and suggested that killing the child is not only okay, but it should also rank up there with the child being wanted and loved. It’s beyond macabre, and if the ad were filmed with someone in a black robe with their face shadowed by a hood, it would have fit perfectly within a horror movie.

This has not been lost on pro-lifers.


Planned Parenthood doesn’t seem to have denounced the ad either. Given the ad’s age, and the fact that it lived in the shadows for years, it’s possible Planned Parenthood hasn’t seen it yet, but with this firestorm now raging around it, it will be interesting to see how Planned Parenthood reacts to it if they react at all.



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